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IHI Bupa ISM Bupa Int'l
NHC Global Private ~ Gold International Swiss Medical ~ Complete World Wide Options
Cover Summary
Composition of the respective plans 1. Hospital, 2. Outpatient, Medication, Checkups & Evac due to treatment failure 1. Hospital, 2. Outpatient, Medication, checkups & 3. Evac (Optional) 1. Medical Insurance (Hosp.) & Optional 2. Medical Plus (O/patient) & 3. Med & Eqpt & 4. Evacuation & 5. Wellbeing (Dental Optical & Checkups)
Deductible Options US600, USD2,000. (The NHC Global Hosptial Only cover offes USD5,000, USD10,000 and USD20,000 pa) USD200 USD400 USD1,350 USD2,700 USD850 USD1,600 USD5,000 USD10,000
Guarantee of Renewal Outside USA, Canada & Germany Worldwide Outside USA
Annual Limit See reference to numbers above to match limits See reference to numbers above to match limits See reference to numbers above to match limits
USD2,000,000 Indexed by the rate of price rise each year 1. USD1,000.000 2. USD40,000 1. USD2,550.000 2. USD42,500 3. USD2,550 4. Unlimited 5 USD8,550
USA Elective Treatment with loading 100% with loading
Initial waiting period for routine claims nil 4 weeks unless transferring from another plan nil
Inpatient benefits
Standard Private Room Accomodation 100% 100% 100%
Intensive care unit 100% 100% 100%
Surgery, treatment, tests, scans 100% 100% 100%
Medicine, dressings and nursing 100% 100% 100%
Oncology 100% 100% 100%
Pacemaker and other surgery implants 100% USD25,000 100%
Organ transplant - Bunt NOT purchase costs. 100% and as well the donor's costs for harvesting USD345,000 USD255,000 and as well the donor's costs for harvesting ONLY if donor a BUPA Int'l member
Dialysis 100% 100% 100%
Accomodation for one legal guardian (per day) USD200 100% 100%
Physiotherapy applied in hospital 100% 100% 100%
Patient transport to hospital 100% USD3,350 100%
Medical evacuation (emergency) 100% Optional Optional
Hospital cash benefit when treatment is free USD100 Nil USD170
(30 days max) (30 days max)
Emergency room treatment 100% 100% 100%
HIV/AIDS treatment USD20,000 (Platinum offers 100% cover) Need submit aids test with application 100% if due to by transfusion or medical occupation, but must provide test result after infection 100% - Covered as per policy conditions, provided not pre-existing
Rehabilitation USD10,000 USD600 / day USD54,000 total / year 100%
90 days max Up to 3 months Max 30 days max
Hospice and terminal care USD10,000 Nil USD34,000 lifetime limit
Cover for Congenital birth defects, inherited disorders, malformations and related conditions USD40,000 per year, for hospital cover, IF diagnosed before the age of 3 100% hospital cover providing mother 12 months on plan Lifetime limt USD34,000
Dental Accident Up to USD10,000 or USD20,000 IF you add dental cover Acute emergency dental treatment
due to serious accident requiring
In case of doubt, the decision will
be left with IHI Bupa consultant
Outpatient benefits Included with Hospital Optional Optional
Including Medication Optional
IF included in your plan the Max cover is Same as US$2m, shared with hospital Part of the Outpatient Max of USD40,000, reimbursed 90% USD42,500 pa
Including Medication USD2,550 pa, but long term medication capped @ USD17.000 pa (Reimbursed 80%) to a lifetime max of USD102,000.
Surgery 100% 100% 100%
GP/specialist consultations and treatment 100% 90% - Max 15 visits each 30 day period for GPS and specialists separately. Total max 30 visits per month! 100% Max 35 visits / year
Lab tests, x-rays, scans, endoscopies 100% 90% 100%
Physiotherapy, Osteotherapy, Chiropractor & Speech therapy Max USD1500 pa (Chiropractic, acupuncture & speech therapy included) Max 12 visits / pa speech therapy @90%; ; chiropractor & osteopath reimbursed 50% 100% upto 30 visits Physiotherapy, osteopathy and chiropractor treatment Includes Speech therapy
Chinese Medicine Nil Nil 100% up to 15 visits - Includes acupuncture and homeopathy but no cover for ayurvedic treatment or aromatherapy
Acupuncture, homeopathic treatment, Acupuncture included with Phsiotherapy IF performed by a physicia,n, 90% to max.USD2,200 / year - incl. neuraltherapy, phytotherapy & antroposophic treatments
Home nursing 100% USD135 / day max 100%
90 days max 40 days max 30 days / year
Health checks & Vaccinations USD300 /year (Platinum USD600/ year) USD500/yearr checkup, 90% vaccination Full health screen
Papanicolaou (PAP) test
Prostate cancer screen
Colon cancer screen
Bone densitometry
Four dietetic consultations / year
Vaccinations Max USD 850 /year
Outpatient over for Congenital birth defects, inherited disorders, malformations and related conditions USD10,000 per year, for outpatient cover, IF diagnosed before the age of 3 90% but note: Max US$40,000 for outpatient care. Max USD127,500 during first 90 days after birth
Psychiatric Treatment
In-patient psychiatric care 100% Nil 90 days overnight with Max 90 LIFETIME limit, but day case treatment permitted @ 20 visits / year
Out-patient psychiatric care USD2,000 90%, but as with other specialists - Max 15 visits / 30 days 100% upto 30 visits for both psychiatric and psychological consulations
Maternity and childbirth benefits
Waiting period 12 months 12 months 10 months
Normal pregnancy and delivery costs including elective cesareans USD10,000 (USD20,000 if you choose Platinum cover) 100% in hospital, 90% for outpatient treatment/visits USD11,050 hospital delivery + USD3,400 for pre and post natal outpatient care
Complications of pregnancy and childbirth 100% 100% - but not for elective caesareans which are only reimburse as per normal delivery 100%
Child birth based on fertility treatment Covered as per a normal pregnancy / childbirth. No cover for pregnancy/ birth complications or miscarriage if fertiity treatment involved Delivery following fertility treatment will be reimbursed to a max. of the customary charges for
normal delivery
Newborn Cover Under the cover of the mother within one month of birth. If there are congenital problems then see above In full, as per policy conditions USD127,500 Max for first 90 days after birth
Chronic Conditions 100% 100% hospital 90% Outpatient Lifetime limit USD102,000.. Medication @ 80%up to USD17,000 After 3 years
Consultations, tests and medication
Evacuation and Repatriation Included Optional Optional
Medical evacuation and repatriation to residential/other country 100% on medical grounds for 'treatment failure' Transportation to the nearest suitable place of treatment if you have a serious illness or injury. Transportation to the nearest suitable place of treatment if you have a serious illness or injury.
Dental Treatment Optional - Choice of Standard or Extended Dental Optional Optional- inclded with medical check ups as per '5' - Wellbeing
Waiting Period 6 month waiting period is waived if you pay annually Standard 6 month wait for routine treatment and 12 month wait for crowns bridges etc Preventive and routine dental treatment is available after 6months’ membership Orthodontic treatment up to the age of 19 is available after 2years’ membership
Routine dental treatment including check up (Supplementary cover) Standard USD 2,000 pax / year @65% for routine treatments & USD 10,000 for emergency tretment 75% reimbursed to US$2,000 pa 100% for preventtive, 80% for routine and major restorative -thought orthodontic capped @ 50% . Max pa USD5.950
Major restorative dental treatment
Emergency in-patient dental treatment 100% 100%
Emergency out-patient dental treatment USD850 - part of '2' worldwide medical plus - outpatient module(optional)
Vision Nil USD270 /year for lenses not frames, nor sunglases Each year
Spectacle lenses
Contact lenses
Spectacle frames
Once every two membership years, 80% up to
E. & O. E. Please consult insurers policies or ask us to help clarify any points of concern. This summary is intended as an overview

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