Employees' Compensation Insurance

Issue of Small Businesses/Charities and Staff working from Home

Although the law states this insurance is compulsory, there are times no insurer will want to accept the risk. This may be obvious in cases such as for those using dangerous machinery or working at heights. However, Hong Kong insurers will also decline to quote for employees working from home or cover for anyone over 65 years old.

The Employees' Compensation Insurance Residual Schemes Bureau Ltd. (ECIRSB), was set up to address this problem.

We are entitled to apply to the ECIRSB. for help in finding a willing insurer, once we have been declined in writing by 3 companies.

Be warned this can take some time.. We once insured a pop group and the process for obtaining insurance took around 3 months to complete!

The ECIRSB will ask you to provide your Claim history for the latest past five years issued by insurance companies. If you cannot provide these, the employer will be asked to explain the reason why the claim histories are unavailable from which insurance companies are not co-operating. In the event that you can not get teh claism data, you will need to need to declare any employee(s) accident that occurred while they were working for your company during, the latest five years.

You will also be asked to provide your company's latest

  • Audit report
  • Latest income statement
  • Latest profit tax return

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