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The idea of International Medical Insurance /Private medical Insurance traces its origins back to 1972, when a Danish sea pilot from Mauritius wrote to the Danish insurer: Sygeforsikringen “danmark” (the mutual health insurance “danmark”) complaining that recent legislative changes in Denmark meant that overseas health insurance was unavailable to expatriate Danes.

Sygeforsikringen “danmark” began then to provide international medical care to Danes, and later Scandinavians, living abroad and towards the end of the 1970’s began to provide international health insurance to other nationalities.

In August 1979, International Health Insurance (IHI) danmark a/s was founded in order to specialize in this growing market of expatriates abroad. IHI's vision was far reaching and non discriminatory. It offered medical insurance to any one who applied (outside the US) and it permitted anyone to continue cover once they returned 'home'. It also provided insurance to local nationals and guaranteed renewal.

Other companies soon joined in to compete, but generally preferred to compete on price, rather than the IHI hallmark, which was service.

Few were as brave as IHI to offer continued cover if you returned home to live. Few apart from those with a connection to Lloyds of London would offer cover to local nationals, preferring not to be seen as taking away business from the local markets.

Unlike IHI, few competitors envisaged needing to care for someone's health beyond retirement and among their clients, few clients took the time to review the possible costs of healthcare in their older age.

Cigna in the US was one of the first to actively enter the expatriate group market overseas.

Long established insurers were generally slow to move into the area of international medical insurance and so we have seen the rise of managing agencies, companies that do the marketing, selling, underwriting and claims handling on behalf of an insurer. William Russell from the UK was one of the first managing agents to emerge.

With a growing requirement for insurers to 'know their clients', it remains to be seen how well the managing agents can argue their dealings on behalf of their principals are done with full transparency.

High-End Healthcare

High-end Healthcare is our term for comprehensive health insurance plans, generally, but not always, from major brands.

NOTE: Residents of ~Belarus, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Myanmar, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, & Zimbabwe face certain restrictions in applying for cover. Contact the crew at Navigator for more information

Launched in 2015, Bupa Global (formerly knownd as Bupa International or BUPA IHI) launched a new series of International health plans from its new world headquarters in Hong Kong.

Bupa Global announced on Apr 18, 2016 that after several months of temporary suspension, with immediate effect, they are able to resume applications for their range of international private medical insurance solutions for US related persons (Any person who (1) has the right to live and work indefinitely in the United States of America (including Puerto Rico), but (2) who is actually residing outside of the US at the time of sale and intends to spend the majority of the policy year living outside of the US).

Bupa Global’s products are not compliant with The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) legislation in the USA. Therefore, Bupa Global will not be able to sell to individual customers in the US any of its products. However, Bupa Global is glad to resume sales to USA related person in a wide range of territories outside the US, subject to applicable local laws and regulations.

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Note in Jan 2016 Aetna will is expecting to launch a more competitive product to combine the best of features from its own International Health plan and plans from its newly purchased InterGlobal

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