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In Hong Kong, it is a legal requirement that must insure our staff according to the Employees’ Compensation Ordinance and also to protect ourselves against common law claims for negligence in our treatment of the helper.

What if my helper is at fault?

The Employees' Compensation Ordinance provides no fault cover.

So if you tell your helper NOT to cross the street other than at a Zebra crossing, there will be no question of contributory negligence in an accident, no question about whether she/he was careless or not.

Is Helper cover only available in Domestic Helper Policies?

Actually, we provide a couple of home plans from AXA which both provide free for Employees’ Compensation cover :

  • AXA Captain’s
  • AXA New Settlers (This plan ALSO includes free health and personal accident etc cover for ONE helper)

AXA’s New Settlers home plan is typical of most plans in the market in that it provides a small degree of cover for many things, but little of anything substantive. For example, with just HKD30,000 in medical bills for an entire policy year, you are going to be very very fortunate if this is all you need.

Recently a number of insurers have launched helper plans with cover for cancer, which had previously been excluded from cover.

The trouble is that the HKD70,000- 100,000 they offer is that such cover may last only a couple of weeks for outpatient treatment.

Our Advice

Our advice is that you take the compulsory insurance for a legally employed local or overseas helper and even for a staff you illegally hire.

Reason is that if your staff is injured in your employ, a court will probably first ask questions as to whether you insured your staff, ahead of any questions about the legality of the employment.

If your really care to give your helper access to private medical care, a genuine health, rather than helper policy is the only answer. Please see below for a selection of more comprehensive helper health insurance options.

Fidelity Guarantee Cover

If your domestic helper steals your personal valuables or does soemthing that will create a loss for you, the fidelity guarantee cover of your domestic helper plan can compensate for some of the loss you suffer. Until the advent of the mobile phone and internet phone calling, the most common claims we would see were for missue of an employer's land line IDD!

If you are concerned about this risk then you would do well to take cover from AXA or QBE, which both offer HKD20,000 in cover.

Examples of Local Domestic Helper plans in Hong Kong:

AIG Insurance Hong Kong Limited

No documents found

Allied World Assurance Company Holdings, AG - This is the only plan with network/ cashless billing at SELECT clinics in HK

Download all as zip

AXA General Insurance HK Ltd

Download all as zip

FWD General Insurance Co Ltd

No documents found

MSIG (Mitsui, Sumitomo Insurance Group)


No documents found



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IF you are traveling abroad with your helper, it is important you extend your cover for work related injuries and make sure you have continued cover for your legal obligations as an employer.

At the time of writing (October 2020) .. only two insurers of which we are aware, are prepared to offer to extend their Domestic Helper plans to cover overseas working.. ie.

  • AXA General &
  • FWD General

AXA permits extension of Employees' Compensation cover outside Hong Kong for a maxium of one month, whereas FWD has no such restriction.

AXA General Domestic Helper Documents (Missing)

FWD General Domestic Helper Documents (Missing)

BUPA's International Health and Hospital Plan (IHHP)

For those of our clients who spend extended periods with their helper traveling, or who simply want cover the peace of mind knowing their helper has cover for bigger bills, they will typically take the BUPA International IHHP Hospital only plan with USD10,000 deductible.

Assicurazioni Generali S.p.A. (Generali) GenHealth

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Foyer Sante

Foyer Sante's 'Essential' is popular with employers more focused on providing a top up to a local Domestic Helper plan. Mostly our clients choose the option of EUR1000 outpatient deductible.

Examples of approximate annual premiums (October 2020) with NO deducible as below

Age Annual Premium

35 EUR2,200

40 EUR2,900

45 EUR3,250

You will save around 30% of this premium, if you choose the EUR1,000 deductible.

Foyer Sante Global Health Documents (Missing)

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