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In Hong Kong, removal insurance refers both to insuring your local home and office moves and as well, shipment of home and office contents abroad.

Some home policies include cover for this move as integral to the policy :

Policies such as the Lloyds based Hiscox HomeExec covers the home move in Hong Kong fully and as well to many other countries, such as Singapore, Australia and the UK.

Others such as the HomeProtector from MSIG cover HKD100,000 in total and HKD10,000.00 per item.

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If you do not have adequate cover already of prefer not to use your existing home or office policies to cover a move, then the best option available we believe is the home removal policy from AXA General Insurance in Hong Kong

AXA’s Removal Insurance policy covers both local and international moves at competitive rates.

The one KEY area where AXA’s and most other insurers fall down, is that they do not cover in any way:

Electrical and Mechanical Derangement.. This means that if your TV worked before you packed, but for no obvious reason does not work in the new location, you can claim.

Pairs and Sets.. So if you have two matching standard lamps and one is destroyed you cannot claim for two.
Mould and Mildew

In contrast the cover offered by removal companies at perhaps twice the cost, will cover all of the above on some measure.

For your electrical appliances though you will have to prove to the removalist that the item is in good working order BEFORE it is packed.

Furthermore, for the cover for mould and mildew, you will generally find there is a ceiling of around USD20,000-25,000 in total.

For more information on Removal insurance, please call or email Robin Brown - Tel 2530 2895 email

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