Travel Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 - Why should I buy travel insurance?

Travel Insurance can help cover unexpected expenses you may ensure on your trip. Travel Insurance can cover things like flight delays, theft, accidents, or medical problems. To find out more about the benefits of travel insurance please contact us.

Q2 - What if you travel without travel insurance?

Without travel insurance, you could be liable for thousands of dollars in medical bills, transportation costs in the case of canceled flights, or the cost of replacing your personal valuables if your luggage is lost, stolen or damaged.

For more information on health-related risks during outbound travel, please visit the Department of Health. In particular note the wide range illnesses, ranging from Dengue Fever to Japanese Encephalitis, Yellow Fever and Zika Virus.

Q3 - Is Coronavirus (COVID 19) covered in my travel insurance and where can I find more information?

Yes, most travel insurances now cover Covid related medical costs. For information regarding Covid-19 related cover, please refer to the Covid write up under each insurer tab.

Q4 - What does my travel insurance cover?

Most of our providers and partners (see list of Travel Insurance providers) provide 24-hour worldwide emergency assistance and overseas medical treatment (conditions, limits and exclusions apply).

We offer a number of policy options with varying benefits and limits for international travel. For more details, please refer to the table of benefits of specific insurance plans.

Q5 - I have a pre-existing medical condition, can this be covered?

Very few travel insurance plans will cover pre-existing conditions that may lead to complications while you are traveling. You are better off to apply for a long term medical plan that may consider to cover pre-existing conditions. For more information contact us.

Q6 - What activities are covered in the Travel Insurance?

Typically amateur sporting and adventure activities are covered, but you will not find cover for such things as flying in a light plane, racing cars, or engaging in a swimming, sailing, cycling or skiing competition.

Professional sports are not covered under Travel insurance.

Q7 - How do I make a claim?

Claims can be lodged via email to ourselves, or direct to the insurer’s website.

Insurers will have a time deadline for submitting claims that may be as short as 14 days, so do not delay in advising even of a potential claim as whether the claim is actual or a potential claim, we are obligated to inform the insurer.

You will need proof of the medical condition treated and diagnosed, and where relevant, such things as a police report or confirmation from an airline.

Q8 - Am I covered if I need to quarantine on entry into a country?

Most policies have a general exclusion relating to claims directly or indirectly from any government or public health authority, mandatory quarantine or isolation order imposed on you related to border, region or territory. However, the policies are ever changing, please contact us for updated information.

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