Introduction to the AIG Group

American International Group, Inc. (AIG) is a leading international insurance organization serving customers in more than 130 countries. AIG companies serve commercial, institutional, and individual customers through one of the most extensive, worldwide, property-casualty networks of any insurer. In addition, AIG companies are leading providers of life insurance and retirement services in the United States. AIG common stock is listed on the New York Stock Exchange and the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Introduction to AIG Insurance Hong Kong Limited

AIG Insurance Hong Kong Limited changed its name in March 2013, from Chartis Insurance Hong Kong Ltd. AIG HK is a wholly owned property & casualty subsidiary of AIG. AIG has over 80 years of history in Hong Kong.

In AIG's philosophy, No risk is too small or too big.

To ensure that all customers receive :

  • maximum protection from potential risk and
  • the best value from their investment,

Whether the need involves insurance for individual or business property, such as cars, homes, offices, staff or potentially complex liability products like Directors and Officers Liability, Product Liability or environmental coverage, AIG Hong Kong's goal is to have the right product at the right price.

In AIG's view of the world, its priority is providing clients with the confidence they need to prosper.

AIG believes its unique strengths are:

  • Financial strength highlighted by the fact that, world-wide, it typically pays in excess of USD50m a day in claims.
  • World-class talent with the know-how to assess vulnerability and underwrite the most complex risks – delivered through a local presence that enables it to respond rapidly when unforeseen events occur.
  • Ongoing development of new and industry-leading products and services, along with the ability to develop tailor-made solutions when existing offerings do not meet client needs.
  • An unwavering commitment to customer service excellence and to supporting its clients.

  • Domestic Worker Protector

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  • Prestige Home

  • Premium Home Plus

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  • Golf Insurance

  • Travel Direct Overseas Student
  • Motor Insurance
    • Private Motor

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AIG Coronovirus update


Following public announcements made by respective government bodies and alerts issued by the World Health Organization regarding the Novel Coronavirus Outbreak (“Incident”), AIG Hong Kong is treating this Incident as a known risk, effective from HK time 18:00 29 Jan 2020 (“*Cutoff time”).

Claims arising from the Incident may NOT be covered unless the policy was purchased, and the trip arranged, before the Cutoff time.

For instance, subject to **terms and conditions of policy wordings, you will be covered if your Single trip Travel Insurance is purchased before the Cutoff time, or for an Annual Travel policy if your trip is arranged before the Cutoff time.

Please be advised that if the original travel destination with no statement issued by HKSAR Govt or by World Health Organization (WHO) 1 week before departure for the outbreak of epidemic, and the local government of the planned destination simply because of the prevention of infectious diseases, such as: Novel Coronavirus Outbreak and refused to allow Hong Kong Tourists to enter, this is the local government action is not a policy insured perils, it is not eligible for compensation.

  • Professional Liability

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  • Commercial Vehicle Insurance

  • Directors and Officers and other Financial Liabiltiies cover:

The Director’s and Officers (D&O) Insurance policy is intended to protect directors and officers against allegations of wrongful conduct when they are acting as company executives.

Most policies cover alleged wrongful acts that have taken place prior to or during the policy period. However, some policies are negotiated to expressly exclude “past acts” coverage, so the actual language of the policy must be closely reviewed.

D&O insurance is not intended to be “burning building” insurance. If a potential insured is aware of an impending claim, it may be too late to go out and get insurance to cover it, unless the potential claim is disclosed and the carrier expressly agrees to take it on. First time D&O purchasers must reveal any information they have regarding known claims or related circumstances in the application process itself. Matters disclosed in the application process will usually be excluded from coverage.

Traditionally only the directors and officers themselves were covered under a D&O policy, today this may be expanded to include managers and other non-executive directors, employees and the company itself. What about the company itself, since it may be a defendant in many claims that could be asserted against directors and officers? Today, most D&O policies for publicly traded companies also insure the company itself but only for securities claims. Most D&O policies for privately held or not-for-profit organizations include coverage for the company for an array of claims (not limited to securities claims).

Claims can be brought by the company’s stakeholders (owners, investors, lenders, employees and securities holders, including bondholders). Claims can also be brought by customers, consumer groups, competitors, business partners (venders and suppliers) and government enforcement/regulatory groups.

AIG’s global franchise, 40 years’ experience in this sector and there ability to analyse there own experience of claims and exposures gives them a unique view of the operating environment of directors and officers in today’s world.

Free AIG Insurance Quotes

If you would like to receive a free quote for any of the AIG Insurance plans offered by Navigator simply contact us and tell us what you need.
If you would like further details about individual policies from AIG Insurance, would like to compare AIG against a range of alternative insurance providers, or if you would like to investigate your coverage options in Hong Kong, please contact Navigator today.

D&O Policy – Private Edge
PrivateEdge from AIG is designed to provide flexible and comprehensive protection and the services to cope with the downsides that occur in business, particularly in the increasingly litigious modern-day environment. This policy is geared towards private companies, not-for-profits, partnerships and insurance brokers.

Cover includes 4 modules:

• Management Liability Module
Entities and natural persons protection, additional excess limit for board directors and defence cost

• Employment Practice Liability Module
Protection against employment related liabilities such as wrongful termination/dismissal of employment
• Crime Module
Direct financial loss of the entities from employee or third party dishonest acts

• Professional Indemnity Module
Cover specific professional services

D&O Policy - Dragonshield
Designed to meet the management liability needs of public companies
• Advancement of legal defense costs
• Coverage includes company's securities claims arising out of sale or purchase of company's own securities
• Employment practice liability cover for the companies, directors and officers
• Covers losses arising from claims made against the estate, heirs and legal representative of the insured
• Automatic extension covers outside directorship of associated companies, joint ventures and non-profit entities
• Automatic coverage for newly created or acquired subsidiaries
• Optional Prospectus Liability Insurance covers errors or omissions in the prospectus of companies undertaking an initial public offering
• Blanket Difference in Conditions (DIC) cover between Dragonshield and with any existing policy
• Elective Side-A Reinstatement: option to purchase reinstated limit upon event of a claim
• Long-Term Agreement (LTA): option for automatic renewal

D&O Policy – Dragonshield Public Offering of Securities Insurance (POSI)
With this policy it of course extends beyond the limits of the corporation to encompass directors and officers both past and present, and current shareholder, all of whom may be targeted for litigation by investors and regulators.

Public Offering of Securities Insurance (POSI) protects against this exposure by providing coverage in the event of litigation arising from the capital raising process. Coverage is provided to the company, its directors and officers, the controlling shareholders and any shareholders selling shares in the offering. It is also available to the underwriters of the offering which benefit from indemnities in the underwriting agreement.

• Enhanced exposure created by regulations governing capital raising makes it essential for a company to have POSI, a high-limit insurance coverage focused solely on its public offering
• Ring-fences exposure due to an offering from the company’s other insurances, enabling the company to retain its Directors’ and Officers’ Liability Insurance (D&O) to cover exposure arising from its ongoing day-to-day operations.
• Ensures that bespoke insurance limits can be purchased to reflect the concentrated high-risk exposure arising from a listing
• Provides cover for all parties involved in an offering, including sleep-easy insurance for selling shareholders and past directors and officers.
• Non-cancellable multi-year term, providing longer term guaranteed protection, typically for 3 to 6 years.

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  • Cyber Risk

Launced in Asia in 2012, AIG's new "CyberEdge" policy helps combat the fast evolution of cyber risk and provides an effective response to the growing cyber-crime threats and data breaches.

  • The CyberEdge PC product was launced subsequently, in response to clients wanting to add cover for property damage or people being injured or hurt, as a result of a cyber-claim.

CyberEdge PC expressly covers :

  • bodily injury,
  • property damage and
  • financial loss

arising from a security failure.

AIG is an approved service carrier of a voluntary medical scheme for both Civil Servants and Non-Civil Servants employed by the Hong Kong Government.

This Voluntary Employee Beneift scheme is available to not just spouses and children but even Parents and Parents in Law!

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