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ALC Health is a trading name of 'à la carte healthcare limited' (ALC) based in Steyning, West Sussex, UK. ALC is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority FCA in the UK and is a managing agent for AXA PPP International, based in Tunbridge Wells, UK.

Until the end of 2014 all ALC claims were managed by AXA PPP, but as AXA PPP was also managing many of its own claims, ALC decided to give its own client claims better attention and appointed Healix International to provide global claims management and support.

Healix International are specialists in the field of global claims management, proven experts and independently accountable.

This was not the cheapest option as clearly ALC could have brought its claims in house but according to Stephen Godbold, Managing Director ALC Health, this was the better way provide "a comprehensive, award winning claims service that spans the globe, in any language, in any currency, every second of every day".

In a similar move to concentrating on its core competencies of selling and servicing, ALC has contracted with HTH Worldwide, a global health and safety services company, giving members access to HTH's contracted community of doctors and hospitals in 180 countries as well as HTH's proprietary mobile and online medical assistance tools. These services allow world travelers to search for and conveniently access top quality medical providers all around the world.

As ALC is based outside Hong Kong, local law requires clients to complete a 'Notice to Client' form to confirm they understand they are dealing with an insurer not registered in Hong Kong.

The company was first formed in 2000 by Sarah Jewell (MBE), who still heads the company and has chartered its worldwide expansion.

Sarah JewellAs a former expatriate who lived in Hong Kong, Sarah understands the day to day issues that many face when living in an unfamiliar environment. It is this experience and 'can do' attitude that has enabled Sarah and her team at ALC Health to deliver tailored healthcare solutions that meet her clients requirements no matter where in the world they may be living or working.

The name 'a la carte' was chosen because Sarah wanted to communicate her intention to give customers a high degree of say as to the cover that was important to them.

Sarah believes strongly that people should not be forced into taking overly comprehensive insurance.. not every man needs maternity cover, for example and not everyone thinks to intentionally visit the US for treatment.

The ALC motto is "We are different because we care" and this care is shown in ways like sending teddy bears to children born to parents insured with ALC, providing cell phone numbers of her senior executives who can be all be contacted 24/7 and in the event of serious accident, providing access to the Blood Care Foundation's fully screened blood.

The Blood Care Foundation, which operates a global network of blood banks, enables it to provide blood to almost any location in the world within 12 - 18 hours, subject to the availability of scheduled air services. Every courier is either an anaesthetist or paramedic, trained in cardio-pulmonary resuscitation and is capable of establishing a transfusion, even in a shocked patient.

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