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Allianz has had a presence in Hong Kong since 1983 and carries the financial strength that comes with being part of the global Allianz Group. Its health insurance business comes under the domain of ‘Allianz Worldwide Care’ and offers a multitude of differing options.

Core Inpatient – Premier, Executive, Club, Classic and Essential. Depending on your needs and budget these plans offer cover for hospitalization, evacuation and routine maternity among other things.

Outpatient – Gold, Silver, Bronze and Crystal. These plans are for the more ‘day-to-day’ needs such as a trip to the local G.P.

Dental – Dental 1 and Dental 2 offer cover for routine and major dental problems.

Repatriation – If the appropriate medical treatment is not available where you are, you can opt to return home to your country of origin instead of the nearest medical centre.

As mentioned Allianz Worldwide Care offers cover from a position of financial strength and a globally recognized name. Despite this it can be expensive and the myriad of options available can confuse some.

Allianz Worldwide Care S.A (AWC) is a Dublin Ireland based branch of the Paris France based international health division of Allianz Worldwide Partners, an Allianz Group company. The company’s ultimate parent is Allianz SE, which is rated as AA Stable.

AWC provides insurance solutions for

  • health
  • life
  • disability

on a global scale.

The focus of AWC is on earning and maintaining client loyalty, by providing a global, market leading, level of service and support.

So successful has AWC been in this area, that even with a commitment to competitive cost contrainment, it has regularly achived an enviable 97% client retention rate.

AWC's service-led approach is fostered by an internal culture of employee recognition and reward.

Allianz Worldwide Care’s “I Make a Difference” award, is given to staff who make a significant and positive difference within service-led activities, encouraging a service level that exceeds rather than meets customer expectations, across every stage of customer contact.

The individual and Group insurance products are intended for individuals who are residing outside their normal country of residence for a temporary period.

Cover in some countries is subject to local health insurance restrictions, particularly for residents of that country.

It is your responsibility to ensure that your healthcare cover is legally appropriate.

The Allianz "International Health Plan" builds on the essential Core cover and provides the following choices

Alongside its reputation for excellent customer service, Allianz Partners is unique in moderating its annual age based price rises by referring to the annual published inflation figures from the European Central Bank (ECB).

Below are its recent record of price rises:

2019-2020 - 4.5%

2018-2019 - 5.0%

2017-2018 - 2.5%

Group Life cover provides financial protection and security for your employee’s dependants, in the unfortunate event of an employee’s death. The benefit amount can be based on a percentage of your employee’s gross annual salary, or it can be a fixed amount.

Cover for accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) and terminal illness is also available with life cover.

AD&D provides a lump sum to the dependants in the event of your employee’s death due to an accident, or to your employee in the event of the loss of a limb/limb function as a result of an accident.

The benefit payment is calculated as a factor of your employee’s gross annual salary.

Group Disability provides greater financial security for an employee who is unable to perform their occupation following an accident or illness.
Companies can choose from either Short and Long Term, or Temporary and Permanent disability:

Short Term Disability cover provides employees with financial security if they are unable to perform their own occupation as a result of an accident or illness for a period of up to two years.

Short Term Disability cover provides employees with financial security if they are unable to perform their own occupation as a result of an accident or illness for a period of up to two years.

Long Term Disability cover provides an income to employees, unable to perform any gainful occupation relevant to their education, skills and experience, as a result of an accident or illness, up to 65 years of age.

Temporary Disability cover is similar to Short Term Disability, however the cover period is limited to one year, with shorter waiting periods.

Permanent Disability cover provides a lump sum payment to the employee in the event of an irreversible medical condition due to an accident or illness.

A. Standard 'Package' Plans*

1. Group Core Plans

The AWC Group Core plans is designed to cover your employees for the more expensive medical costs associated with in-patient treatment, along with cover for:

  • rehabilitation treatment
  • out-patient surgery
  • nursing at home
  • routine maternity
  • medical evacuation

2. Out-patient Plans (Optional)

Additional cover for ‘day to day’ or routine treatments such as visits to a doctor, vaccinations, prescription drugs or physiotherapy.

3. Dental Plans

To help reduce your employees' dental healthcare bills.

4 Repatriation Plan

This plan offers medical repatriation. This means that if the necessary treatment for which a member is covered is not available locally, they can opt to return to their home country for treatment, rather than to the nearest appropriate medical centre.

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B. Tailor Made Plans*

Tailored plans are available for large group schemes, along with reporting packages to monitor scheme performance.

* Whether Package or Tailor made plan. AWC has the facility to cover local nationals, subject to certain conditions.

AWC's Short term Health Insurance plan is specifically designed for employers who want to cover the medical emergency needs of their employees while they travel abroad on business.

As a medical travel insurance product for businesses, it covers acute emergency medical treatments as outlined in the Benefit Guide.

It provides the employees with peace of mind that they are covered for trips worldwide (outside their principal country of residence and their country of primary employment) in the event of a medical emergency.

Cover starts from only £0.86 | €1.04 | US$1.00 per employee per travel day. Employees are covered for single or multiple trips up to a combined maximum of either,

  • 90 travel days per insurance year each or
  • 300 travel days per insurance year each

Allianz Short Healthcare Plan
Maximum Plan Benefit
GBP (£) £166,000
USD ($) $270,000
EUR (€) €200,000
CHF CHF260,000
In-patient benefits
Hospital accommodation Private Room
Intensive care Full Refund
Prescription drugs and materials Full Refund
Surgical fees, including anaesthesia and operating theatre charges Physician and therapist fees Full Refund
Diagnostic tests Full Refund
Physiotherapy Full Refund
Other benefits
Day-care treatment Out-patient surgery Full Refund
Local ambulance Full Refund
Medical evacuation2 Repatriation of mortal remains2 Full Refund
CT and MRI scans
Full Refund
(in-patient and out-patient treatment)
PET and CT-PET scans
Full Refund
(in-patient and out-patient treatment)
Repatriation of Mortal Remains £8,300/€10,000/ $13,500/CHF13,000
Out-patient benefits
Medical practitioner and specialist fees Diagnostic tests Full Refund
Prescription drugs Full Refund
Emergency dental treatment Full Refund

AWC's Group Maritime plans are compliant with the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) 2006.

This means that its product meets the Maritime Labour Convention requirements in terms of onshore health cover.

In this Table of Benefits below, we specify which benefits are mandatory and which are voluntary in the Core Plan and Outpatient Plan. For the voluntary benefits, you can decide whether or not you wish to select this cover for your employees.

Please note that the Dental Plan is voluntary.

AWC's commitment to customer service is highlighted by its “Clear to Zero” claims handling initiative, whereby 95% of fully completed Claim Forms received are processed within 48 hours.

Allianz MyHealth App

With the Allianz MyHealth app, your policy documents are in your pocket at all times.

So you can check your cover when you need to and present your membership card. Even offline.

Complete a medical claim quickly and easily, anytime, anywhere. Simply use the app to provide a few key details, photograph your invoices and you’re done.

Download all as zip

Plus you can track the status of this claim and view details of your previous claims. The app has other great features too. For example, you can find a hospital nearby and get directions to it. You have fast access to local emergency services numbers.


If you lose your phone, simply call the AWC Helpline and they will safely remove your data from the lost or stolen mobile device.

If you subsequently retrieve your phone, re-open the app and follow the on-screen instructions.

You will be guided through the setup process again.

NOTE: If you have your policy setup on multiple devices, all of them will need to be re-installed to access your policy again.

AWC's approach to underwriting is to try and cover pre-existing conditions, by offering a loading.

On occasion an exclusion will be imposed and ikn some instances, your application may be refused outright.

For groups of 10+ employees AWC offers to disregard Medical History, so pre-existing conditions are not an issue.

At the renewal of a Group policy, however, AWC will evaluate the premium charged the group in the light of its claim experience.

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