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A+ is a managing agent based in Hong Kong that uses:

  • AXA China Region Insurance Company Ltd as its underwriter for Group Business
  • AXA General Insurance Hong Kong Ltd as its underwriter for Individual Business
  • Inter Partner Assistance Hong Kong Limited (a wholly owned subsidiary of AXA Assistance) as its assistance/evacuation company.

A+ sees synergy in its relationship with AXA, as it believes they share the same corporate values regarding doing the right thing by the customer. In particular A+ is very pround of its effecient claim handling ability, which it says are "second to none".

A+ markets two plans, both of which are able to be used by individuals/families and as well company groups in Hong Kong

Worldwide Plan Available to: Hong Kong nationals and Expatriates
SE Asia Plan Available to: Expatriates in Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines.

See the Product section for more detail.

Covid 19 Update

All existing members are covered for the medical condition caused by coronavirus so long as it is not pre-existing.

For new applications, it will not be covered if you have symptoms prior to starting the policy.

For the evacuation part, it is not covered since the epidemics fall under the policy exclusion.

NOTE: If there are travel restrictions and you travel, despite the warning, any consequences resulting from voluntarily endangering yourself will be seen as an intentional act will not be covered.

A+ provides a Worldwide plan for Hong Kong residents and expatriates in other countries and as well, a South East Asian plan for expatriates living in other countries of Asia: In summary, the plans and cover provided are as below:

Deductible Options
Worldwide Plans US$ CHF
Available to: Hong Kong nationals and Expatriates
Hospitalization 100% hospital, with pre and post hospital outpatient cover as well as rehabilitation benefits 0 0 0
Global 80 Hospitalization plus 80% outpatient 500 675 750
Global 100 Hospitalization plus 100% outpatient 1,000 1,350 1,500
Global 100 Plus Global 100 plus maternity 2,000 2,700 3,000
Optonal Additional Coverage 5,000 6,750 7,500
  • Dental and Optical
  • Personal Accident Insurance
  • Temporary Incapacity Cover
  • Permanent Disability Cover
These deductibles not availalbe for Hospital only cover
South East Asian Plans US$
Available to: Expatriates in Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia & Philippines. Essential Serene
Essential 100% Hospital & Daypatient ONLY 0 0
Essential Plus Essential with pre and post operation outpatient treatment, hospital cash and psychiatric inpatient care 300 675
Serene 100% inpatient and outpatient N/A 1350

Serene Plus

Serene plus in and outpatient psychiatric and hospital cash benefit

Optonal Additional Coverage

  • Wellness
  • Routine maternity
  • Dental
  • Loss of Income
  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment

For those leavig a group scheme and wanting to continue cover, they will be moving from an AXA China Region policy to an AXA General policy and given these are two different companies, they will need to be underwritten. One option is for staff to complete an application form as to their state of health when they join the A+ group plan. When they come to leave the group, A+ will underwrite the transfer as per the staff's original state of health and will ignore any issues of worsening health.

For Hong Kong residents, European Economic Community (EEC) Residents and NON EEC Resdients. Contact us for more information.

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For Claim administration, A+ has delegated claim handling authority and responsibility for managing both inpatient and

outpatient claims to a company based in France called "Medical Administrators International" (MAI).

Claims are normally reimbursed within 5 working days, at a maximum of 15 days. You may check the claim process and reimburse- ment record on your personalised ‘My A+ Page’.

NOTE: All claims over US$675 must be posted to MAI.. Claims for less than this amount can be processed on the A+ Website.

A+ offers customers a choice of two means of being assessed or underwritten:

  1. Underwritten enrolment: The medical questionnaire included in the application form must be completed fully and accurately, failing to do so may invalidate the policy.
  2. Moratorium enrolment: After two years continuous membership, any pre-existing medical conditions (and related conditions) will become eligible for benefit, subject to the terms and conditions of the Insured’s plan, provided the Insured has not during that period:

a) consulted any Medical Practitioner or Specialist for Treatment or advice (including check-ups) or

b) experienced further symptoms or

c) taken medication or been advised to follow special Treatment (including drugs, medicine, special diets, injections, etc.)

Examples of Pre-existing Conditions that will never be covered include:

  • diabetes,
  • hypertension (raised blood pressure),
  • hyperlipidemia (raised cholesterol level),
  • ischemic heart disease,
  • cancer, thyroid disease, and auto-immune disorders.

If you have suffered from any of these conditions, or any other condition for which it is generally accepted medical advice that it be monitored in any way, then the condition - and any related conditions - will never be covered.

Examples of related conditions are:

  • raised cholesterol levels
  • heart disease and
  • stroke.

If you have suffered from high cholesterol before the date of entry to the plan you will never be covered for cardiac problems of strokes.

Our strong advice for A+ applicants or applicants for any other plans that provide the Moratorium option, is to be underwritten instead.

A+ vs the market

Features Market norms A+ International Healthcare
Renewability Not guaranteed Guaranteed
Chronic conditions Limited cover Covered
Traditional Chinese Medicine Limited or not covered Covered
Congenital conditions Limited or excluded Covered
Complication of pregnancy Waiting period No waiting period
Claims reporting Max 180 days Up to 2 years
Age limit for group enrolment Lmit 64 years No entry or renewal age limit
AIDS / HIV Limited cover Covered

Comparison of Worldwide plan options

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