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The APRIL group has as its foundation, a history of wholesale broking in France, whereby they design, distribute and administer insurance products sold through an extensive network of brokers and other distribution channels.

In Hong Kong, ‘APRIL Hong Kong Limited’ (April) arranges, administers and distributes insurance products as a ‘Managing General Agent.. As such the do not carry any of the insurance risk, which is underwritten by the insurer; ‘Liberty International Insurance Limited’ (Liberty). Liberty belongs to the Boston-based “Liberty Mutual Insurance” group, which is a diversified global insurer and the third largest property and casualty insurer in the United States, based on 2018 direct premiums written. Liberty Mutual Insurance also ranks 68th on the Fortune 500 list of largest corporations in the United States with $42 billion in annual consolidated revenue.

They employ over 50,000 people in more than 800 offices throughout the world. NOTE, The obligation to indemnify your claims resides with Liberty and its reinsurers, not with April, which acts as an agent. With the exception of carrying the risk, April conducts all processes in the insurance value chain and delivers all the services that you may require, in-house, from underwriting to administration to claims settlement etc.

In January 2019, Bruno Rousset, APRIL's founder, sold his controlling block of shares to CVC Capital Partners, one of the leading Private Equity firms in the world. CVC now controls 89% of the capital of the group. APRIL is a listed company and as such is required to publish on a yearly basis its financial report that you will find on the group website.

APRIL group operates in 33 countries and is listed on Euronext Paris (Compartment B), stock exchange. The group serves the needs of around 6,000,000 clients and employs around 4,000 staff. In 2018, its worldwide sales revenue reached €997,000,000.

In January of 2016, the group acquired 'Globalhealth Asia', a leading agency for Liberty International Insurance Ltd. and renamed it as 'April Hong Kong Ltd'.

For clients residing outside HK, April works as an agent of Pacific Cross Insurnce Co Ltd, based in Western Samoa.

'APRIL Assistance', a fully integrated component of April's global assistance business, has a regional headquarters in Bangkok and nine 24/7 alarm centres throughout the region.


APRIL possesses an extensive network of hospitals, clinics and healthcare practitioners where you can enjoy direct billing services, in Hong Kong and across Asia. Simply visit an enrolled practitioner of your choice and show your member card at the counter. You won’t have to pay anything out of your own pocket!


April offers a premium discount if you agree to only use one of the following hospitals:

Singapore: Concord International Hospital, Farrer Park Hospital, Government Restructured Hospitals, Mount Alvernia Hospital, Parkway East Hospital, Thomson Medical Centre

Hong Kong: Canossa Hospital, Evangel Hospital, Gleneagles Hong Kong Hospital, Hong Kong Baptist Hospital, Hong Kong Hospital Authority Hospitals, Precious Blood Hospital, St. Paul’s Hospital, St. Teresa’s Hospital, Union Hospital Any treatment received outside of the facilities listed above will not be eligible for coverage.

In Hong Kong, its leading product for individuals and small and medium sized enterprizes is its 'MyHealth' product, summarized as below:







Private room accommodation for hospital services





General Practitioner and specialist consultation fees

Fully Covered

Medicines and drugs and tests

Fully Covered

Physiotherapy (with Referral)


Fully Covered

Combined limit for all benefits listed in the Complementary Medicine
including Traditional Chinese Medicine




Chiropractor, osteopath, podiatrist, speech therapist

Fully covered
Up to the combined limit

Acupuncturist, Ayurveda practitioner, bone setter, Chinese medicine practitioner, naturopath, homeopath

Up to $80 per visit

Up to $100 per visit

Up to $150 per visit

Medical checkup including standalone screenings,
e.g. mammography, prostate cancer screening No referral required
Outpatient co-insurance percentage does not apply




No referral required
Outpatient co-insurance percentage does not apply




Minor dental treatment


Major Dental treatment
Waiting period of 300 days to the data of service applies (Policy Terms and Conditions Section 8.1.3)

No Cover


Eye examinations, frames, prescription contact lenses and prescription lenses

No Cover


Available to women between 19 to 45 years

Hospital and Surgery

-on a nil deductible basis

Maternity Benefit limit

per pregnancy

per pregnancy

per pregnancy


Emergency medical evacuation and medically required repatriation

Fully Covered

Repatriation of mortal remains

Fully Covered

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MyHealth : individual Insurance for you and your family

You may be a local citizen, an expat or a permanent resident; either way, this plan is for you! Whether single, a couple, with your family or retired, MyHEALTH offers you flexible and comprehensive international medical cover as well as repatriation assistance benefits for your peace of mind.

Build your own policy from three tiers of inpatient, outpatient, maternity and dental/optical modules. Choose to get either worldwide cover or worldwide cover excluding the USA.


'MyHealth - For companies with up to 20 Adults:

For smaller companies of one or more staff, APRIL groups together a collection of its MyHealth individual plans and provides discounts based on the nunber of staff.

IF you have 10 or more adults to insure, APRIL offers to:

  1. disregard medical history and
  2. will also offer a guarantee for staff to be able to continue cover as an individual, on leaving the company.

At renewal, APRIL will apply renewal rates that reflect the claim experience of April's portfolio of all its individual MyHealth plans. However, if after 2 years the loss ratio is above 85%, April will thereafter rate your company on the basis of its claim experience directly.

Develpomental Disorders

If you include the optional Outpatient benefits in your cover, APRIL offers a lifetime benefit of USD1,000 for Extensive and USD1500 for Elite, to cover the costs of :

  • physicians,
  • psychologists,
  • psychotherapists, as well as
  • diagnostic scans and tests, medicines and drugs

prescribed by a physician for a behavioural or developmental disorder. If this cover is a particular concern to you, April will be willing to offer higher limits.

Original Receipts required

When it comes to claims over USD800, APRIL requires you to post them a copy of the original receipt.

Hospital Admission

IF you know your are going to hospital, it is vital that we advise April a full 5 days in advance, to enable them to negotiate with the doctor and hospital. If we fail to do this, April will only pay 80% of the bills. IF it is an emergency admission, there will be no such deduction.



YourHealth - For companies with more than 20 Adults:

April's 'YourHealth' group product is a totally customizable plan where you determine the level of benefits your company needs and can afford.

At renewal your company will be offered renewal terms that reflect your company's claim experience.

If you are a member of an association, April offers attractive discounts for your membership, with the proviso that at least 5 members need to take insurance within a year, in order to retain your association's discount.

NOTE: At renewal of an individual's policy, he/she will need to prove their continuing membership of your association in order to benefit from the discount.


Providing April agrees at the beginning of the policy year, April will offer an individual Policy to Group members and all their dependants covered under their company Policy, following the termination of and employee's:

  • employment with,
  • engagement by
  • or partnership

of the policyholder/company.. providing the employee has been insured with his/her dependents for a full year.

Any request under this provision must be made within thirty (30) days prior to the last day on which the Insured Person will be covered under this Policy (the “Group Policy Deletion Date”), and must be accompanied by a completed Application.

If it was not reasonably possible to make such request prior to the Group Policy Deletion Date, the Insured Person may make a late request, but under no circumstances shall the company be required to consider any member‟s request made more than thirty (30) days after the Group Policy Deletion Date.

In the case of death of an eligible insured person, applications for portability by the deceased‟s dependants will be considered for up to sixty (60) days following the death of the eligible insured person. The effective date shall be the day following the Group Policy Deletion Date.

The following special conditions apply to this provision:

1) April shall not be required to offer a policy to any individual who:

a. would not be eligible for coverage based on their usual country of residence on the Group Policy Deletion Date, as stipulated in the most up to date Liberty Hong Kong Business Acceptance Guideline document at the time of leaving the group;

b. has achieved the age of 66 years on the Group Policy Deletion Date or,

c. has been included on the namelist for less than one year on the Group Policy Deletion Date or has not met any other waiting period criteria set at the outset of the policy.

2) This provision shall have no effect and we shall not be required to offer a continuation policy if this Policy:

a. has been terminated; or

b. the new policy does not cover all eligible dependants covered by the Group Policy on the Deletion Date.

3) Benefits and policy terms will be based on the closest equivalent MyHealth Individual policy benefits on the Group Policy Deletion Date. The definition of 'closest equivalent´ will be at April's sole discretion.

Any requested upgrades in benefit in excess of the 'closest equivalent' policy will be subject to full medical underwriting.

4) Premiums for the first year after an Insured Person transfers to an individual policy under the terms of this endorsement, will be the published rates in force at the time of leaving the group policy. Renewal premiums for the individual policy, if renewed, will be determined according to the claim experience of all policies in the appropriate individual product pool.

5) April shall have the right to refuse to offer a Policy if they determine, in their sole discretion, that the member, while remaining or continuing to be employed, reemployed or engaged by the policyholder in any way, was terminated and/or deleted from this Policy, primarily for reasons of ill health or claim history; or to reduce the risk of medical claims under this Policy.

6) Individual underwriting will be conducted in respect of each applicant. Special terms may then be applied, limited to a maximum medical loading of 50% of the prevailing published rate for the MyHEALTH Individual 'closest equivalent' policy.

underwriting details

comparison details

PallasHEALTH is an international medical insurance plan for individuals and employee groups. It provides coverage for acute illness, accidental injury and chronic illness.

Area of coverage can be worldwide or exclude North America and the Caribbean. For North American Exclusion policies, losses arising during the first 30 Travel Days in North America and the Caribbean from sudden illness and accidental injury are covered up to a limit of US$50,000 in any policy year.

Medical questionnaires are required from each person to be insured. These questionnaires are underwritten by the Administrator of the plan. Medical conditions identified may be excluded OR cover may be offered for such conditions with or without a supplementary premium loading.


Module I (Hospitalisation & Out-patient Surgery)

• Full cover for hospitalisation and out-patient surgery • Cancer treatment fully covered
• Emergency evacuation and repatriation
• Second Opinion Services

• Complications of Pregnancy
• Full cover for newborn children born after 12 months of cover, including congenital conditions and acute illnesses • Pre-hospitalisation and Post-hospitalisation fully covered up to 30 days prior to and 90 days following confinement

Module II (Out-patient Benefits)

• Full cover for GP and Specialist consultations
• Full cover for medicines and drugs
• Medical check up, up to US$ 1,000 per year
• Complementary medicine including Chinese medicine

Module III (Maternity Benefits)

• Pre and post-natal and delivery up to US$15,000 per pregnancy • 12 month waiting period
• Selected deductible does not apply to this module

Module IV (Dental & Optical Benefits)

• Minor dental treatment up to US$ 1,000 per year
• Other dental treatment up to US$ 2,500 per year with 80% co-insurance
• Prescription lenses/contact lenses & optical examinations up to US$300 per year • Selected deductible does not apply to this module

More details on the cover provided are included in the benefits sheet and in the terms and conditions. Benefits are subject to the modules and deductible selected. Your benefits are shown on your benefits schedule.


• Pre-existing conditions unless accepted at underwriting • Cosmetic treatment
• Vitamins and supplements
• Birth control, infertility treatment, venereal disease

• Waiting periods apply to some dental benefits; maternity and complications of pregnancy; & the newborn benefit


Cover will remain in force for 12 months. For individual policies, the policy is automatically renewed (if agreed to by the policyholder at application by signing the full declaration on the application for policy). Alternatively, a renewal invitation shall be sent out in advance of your renewal date. Premiums are age related and may increase at renewal due to your entry into a higher age bracket or an increase in medical inflation. Policies are renewable for life.



1) Download the APRIL Easy Claim app on your smartphone and follow the instructions to send us your medical bills and prescriptions.
2) Email scans of your completed claim form and invoices for treatment to pallasclaims@april.com
3) Mail the claim form and supporting documents to the address shown on the claim form.

4) Fax the claim form and supporting documents to (852) 2526 0769
Please note that if your supporting documents show complete information, a claim form is not required. Please see the claim form for further advice.
If submitting claims by fax, email or smartphone, please retain the originals as we may request them. In cases of admission to hospital, please inform us as early as possible by email, telephone or fax. Our claims instructions document can be found with your policy. Contact details are shown below.


Liberty International Insurance Limited (Hong Kong)


APRIL Hong Kong Limited


If you are dissatisfied with any aspect of your PallasHEALTH plan, please inform us via email to contact.hk@april.com or call us at (852) 2526 0918.

Any dispute may be referred to the Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre (HKIAC), as detailed in section 21.1 of the policy terms and conditions.

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