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are members of the AXA Group, in Hong Kong, a world leader in financial protection.

AXA Hong Kong, a member of the AXA Group, has over over 1 million customers in Hong Kong and Macau and is also the largest General Insurer and a market leader in motor insurance.

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Product Features

AXA's popular Smart Traveller policy provides:

  • Comprehensive medical coverage up to HK$1,000,000 for accident or sickness during your trip, including follow-up treatment after returning to Hong Kong
  • 24-hour worldwide emergency assistance service to provide instant support at time of needs, with emergency medical evacuation fully covered
  • Cover for loss of deposit or additional expenses for trip cancellation or curtailment, due to extraordinary events such as the raising of a Red or Black Outbound Travel Alert.
  • Cover for baggage loss or delay, and additional expenses resulting from unavoidable travel delay.
  • Cover for your legal liability towards third parties for bodily injury or property damage, together with associated legal costs and expenses up to HK$3,000,000
  • Other benefits include:
    • covers for amateur sports,
    • terrorism
    • rental car excess,
    • free cover for children aged under 18,
    • free automatic 10-day extension for unavoidable travel delay and many more
  • For frequent travellers, the Smart Traveller offers annual coverage with an option of China hospital deposit guarantee.

Travelling with your Helper

IF you are travelling with your domestic helper overseas, it is important to understand that Hong Kong Travel plans DO NOT cover you obligations as an Employer, when your helper is working for you abroad. It is a legal requirement in HK that Employers insure their liabilities according to the Employees' Compensation Ordinance and at Common Law, by having an Employees' Compensation policy. Your Domestic Helper policy will need to be extended (by endorsement) to cover what is locally called 'Overseas Working', as the typical Hong Kong 'Maid/Driver' policy ONLY COVERS YOUR LIABILITIES IN HONG KONG and not abroad.

Coronavairus outbreak - travel warning

日期:2020 年 2 月 7 日

(更新: 國家拒絕經香港入境旅客(封關) ,對香港入境旅客實施隔離檢疫期,或宣


1. 就我的「卓越」優遊樂保障,由於武漢冠狀病毒疫情爆發的關係,我決定取消旅
節 – 損失訂金或取消旅程無法提供保障。

前往中國大陸旅程 (武漢或湖北省以外地區):
• 保單須在 2020 年 1 月 23 日早上 0 時 0 分前 購買。
• 保單須在 2020 年 1 月 23 日早上 0 時 0 分後 起保。

2. 在中國旅行期間,我感染了武漢冠狀病毒。我是否就「卓越」優遊樂獲得保障?

延長多達 10 日,受保人無須支付額外保費。若保障期有需要進一步延長,我

3. 由於武漢冠狀病毒疫情爆發的關係,我受到了香港政府的隔離。我是否就「卓越」
被香港政府隔離而決定取消行程,我們將就第九節 – 損失訂金或取消旅程提供

4. 如果由於旅行目的地是中國大陸而決定取消行程,我可以要求我的「卓越」優遊
前往中國大陸旅程 (武漢或湖北省以外地區):
• 保單須在 2020 年 1 月 23 日早上 0 時 0 分前 購買。
• 保單須在 2020 年 1 月 23 日早上 0 時 0 分後 起保。

5. 如果我被旅遊目的地國家拒發入境簽證,我可以要求我的「卓越」優遊樂退款嗎?
或安排免費更改受保期(在原定受保期的 3 個月內),但需提供原定前往旅遊

6. 陸續有國家(如意大利,菲律賓及台灣)拒絕經香港入境旅客(封關),對香港
目 的地罷工等特定事件所引致。由於上述情況並非特定受保事件,很遺憾我
們就第九節 – 損失訂金或第十節提早結束旅程無法提供保障。

聯絡安盛全球緊急援助熱線 852-28619285 查詢有關其他可行回港途徑資料
長多達 10 日,受保人無須支付額外保費。若保障期有需要進一步延長,我們

Coronavairus outbreak-travel warning

Date: February 7, 2020

1.Can I get compensation if I Cancel my trip to China or if I am refused entry to my destination country?

Cancellation guarantees must be caused by specific events such as natural disasters, bad weather, or strikes at the original planned destination . Since an epidemic infectious disease is not a specific covered event described above, AXA regrets that it can not provide protection for Section IX -Loss of Deposit or Cancellation of Trip.

Because of this particular case, if you decide to cancel or postpone the originally planned journey, or if you were forcibly quarantined by the Hong Kong government, AXA will offer special other arrangements, such as canceling your policy, and a full refund, or arrange to change the insurance period (within 3 months of the original coverage period), , but proof of travel ticket to mainland China or elsewhere (if refused entry to a country) is required.

• The policy must be purchased before 00:00 on January 23, 2020.

• The policy must start after 00:00 on January 23, 2020.

2. During my trip to China, I was infected with Wuhan Coronavirus. Am I covered?

Yes, compensation for medical, hospital and treatment expenses incurred outside Hong Kong must be paid for claims arising directly from illness during the agreed journey .

If the insured person is therefore required to extend the original itinerary already set before departure, this insurance coverage will automatically be extended for up to 10 days without the insured person having to pay additional premiums. If the coverage period needs to be further extended, AXA will deal with it individually.

AXA Global Emergency Assistance Hotline 852-28619285

NAVIGATOR’s 24 hour contacts: Office 852 2530 2530 8am - 8pm Monday through Saturday

Clive Wolstencroft 852 98337335

Tess Suliwan 852 98011009

Romi Gill 852 90948602

Get a quote for domestic helper insurance now!

Product Features:

  • Cover of your legal liabilities as an employer in Hong Kong according to:
    • the Employees Compensation Ordinance
    • Common Law
  • Protection from third party claims against your helpers/yourself in case of being held negligent and someone being injured or their property damaged as a result.
  • Daily cash subsidy if your helper is hospitalised for five consecutive days or more
  • Repatriation expenses for helper when in need to return to his/her country due to illness or in the event of death
  • Fidelity protection for financial loss you may suffer due to fraud or dishonest acts committed by your helper
  • Optional cover for hospitalisation expenses due to critical illness such as stroke, cancer and kidney failure, etc
  • All-in-one medical protection from outpatient, hospitalisation, surgery to emergency dental expenses.

As far as protection for your needing to provide medical care for your helper, plans like AXA's here are of little comfort if your helper suffers some major setback in her/his heatlh.

Typically the HKD30,000 maximum for the years medical expenses can go in a few hours in a private hospital and even the additional Critical Illness protection of HKD70,000 or more for cancer treatment will likely go in a week or two if your helper receives such care in a private clinic.

Our point here is that if you genuinely want to be protected from potentially crippling private medical expenses, you have no alternative other than to take out more comprehensive and costly cover. Contact us to find out where is a good place to start.

NOTE: The better quality Home Plans often include the Employees' Compensation (but not the medical) cover, free of charge.

Have us provide you with a quote for your health insurance now!

AXA Hong Kong offers 3 individual products:

Smart Medical Insurance

A typical 'local' market product, with many limitations and caveats that mean it is difficult to be sure as to the extent of your cover in advance of needing treatment.


Formerely a UK based product the AXA PPP International policy for families and individuals offers the following choices

See AXA PPP entry for more information.

Global Elite II

The Global Elite II guarantees acceptance of anyone from age 14 days old to 80 (subject to availability of Global Elite II at the time of application), with no requirement for a medical questionnaire or screening.

Global Elite II’s Prestige and Comprehensive benefit levels cover both Pre-existing Conditions and Congenital Conditions.

If you have been on either of these two top levels of cover for 9 months, you can claim up to USD2300 for preexisting conditions and if you have been covefred 2 years or more, but have not been free of the need to seek or obtain treatment, thne you can claim USD4600 pa. Once trouble free for a period of 2+ years, you have full cover.

Elite II diagram for pre-existing conditions

Get cover for your home with an insurance policy now!

AXA offers a number of home insurance plans such as:

Monthly Paid: (Balance of first Month PLUS entire second month, FREE!)

  • The Captain's Home plan: Rated traditionally according to Sum Issured and including Free Employees' Compensation cover.
  • The New Settlers Home Plan: Unusually includes an optilon of an annual travel plan for family members and domestic helpers. Free Employee' Compensation cover as well as the limited hospital and outpatient benefits of traditional helper policies are also included for one helper, FREE!

AXA guarantees to match or better any comparable quote and in our recall, we have never known them beaten.

One thing people like about these plans is that you do not need to provide proof of value at the outset. You only need to provide proof of value IF you claim.

Annually Paid

  • AXA ArtPlus

This product has a minimum premium of HKD20,000 and is generally taken by people with substantial art collections.

Use our online quote system to get a quote for your car now!

Most companies in the market rate cars for comprehensive cover according to the 'sum insured'. Not so AXA, which rates by a matrix involving especially the cost of repairs, occupation and age of the driver and so on.

Inform us what you are needing cover for and get insurance for your office now!

AXA's Office policy is designed for the typical Hong Kong office and contains the key cover elemetns of Employee's Compensation, Office contents and public liability.

In line with the rest of the market, AXA does not insure people working out of home offices.

Request a quote for insurance with our online form here.

If you are moving home or office in Hong Kong or internationally, AXA Hong Kong provides 'All Risk' cover for your goods in transit. The rates charged are typically well under what a removalist will charge.

The catch is that AXA does not insure:

  • Pairs and sets. So if one of a set of two standard lamps was broken, you could only claim for one.
  • Mould and mildew. This could e an issue if moisture penetrated your container in transit and you had fabrics being shipped.

Request a quote for insurance with our online form here.

AXA's art division focusses on insuring art, whether in homes or offices and as well in galleries and in transit to and from exhibitions.

AXA will provide cover for household or office contents, but if you have less than perhaps a HKD1.5m in art to insure, we will likely need to find cover elsewhere.

Collectors of art are well advised to ensure that their treasured possessions are fully insured and protected. Navigator Insurance Brokers are able to offer specialist advice on how best to protect those cherished works of art.

AXA Art’s Private Collections insurance policy is designed to meet the requirements of serious art collectors who need specialist insurance solutions.

AXA Art has been offering specialist insurance cover to private and corporate art collectors internationally for more than 50 years. This also includes providing insurance in Hong Kong for private homes, galleries, museums and exhibitors.

Navigator Insurance Brokers will advise you on options available and work with AXA Art experts in order to ensure that a suitable policy is issued for your specific requirements. AXA Art employ art professionals to assist in the process of advising you on how to fully protect against financial loss. When necessary, Axa Art will also provide a survey service to help establish and agree risk reduction measures.

The cover is based on an agreed value including depreciation after any loss. New acquisitions can be added to the same policy and cover includes transit and emergency evacuations.

Included within the AXA Art policy is the option to cover not just your art, but also:

  • Classic and Vintage Cars
  • Fabrics, Textiles and Clothing
  • Furniture
  • High-Value Memorabilia
  • Jewellery
  • Rare Coins
  • (Vintage) Wine
  • Watches

NOTE: The Classic car cover option is to provide cover for your car in storage and while is is being driven for maintenance.

If you would like to receive a free quote for any of the AXA Art Insurance plans offered by Navigator simply contact us and tell us what you need.

If you would like further details about individual policies from AXA General Insurance, would like to compare AXA against a range of alternative insurance providers, or if you would like to investigate your coverage options in Hong Kong, please contact Navigator today.

claim details

underwriting details

comparison details

Axa offers a number of group insurance products designed for both the SME and larger corporate market.

In the SME market, its leading product is called "CORProtect"

CORProtect provides flexible benefit options to SMEs with a minimum of 3 employees, taking care
of insurance needs for employees and their dependants.

CORProtect is composed of two parts,

  • CORProtect Medical
  • CORProtect Life

Both plans can be covered up to the age of 69 and will be able to continue to age 80, subject to satisfactory underwriting.

Key Hospital and Outpatient beneftis are summarized as below. There are also maternity and dental benefits.

Note the low level of outpatient benefits.

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