AXA Hong Kong

Navigator is able to provide a range of comprehensive AXA Hong Kong Insurance policies.

In the event that there is a specific type of coverage which you would like to receive from AXA Hong Kong, but cannot find details of the policy on this website, please contact us for further information.

Product Features:

  • Cover of your legal liabilities as an employer in Hong Kong according to:
    • the Employees Compensation Ordinance
    • Common Law
  • Protection from third party claims against your helpers/yourself in case of being held negligent and someone being injured or their property damaged as a result.
  • Daily cash subsidy if your helper is hospitalised for five consecutive days or more
  • Repatriation expenses for helper when in need to return to his/her country due to illness or in the event of death
  • Fidelity protection for financial loss you may suffer due to fraud or dishonest acts committed by your helper
  • Optional cover for hospitalisation expenses due to critical illness such as stroke, cancer and kidney failure, etc
  • All-in-one medical protection from outpatient, hospitalisation, surgery to emergency dental expenses.

As far as protection for your needing to provide medical care for your helper, plans like AXA's here are of little comfort if your helper suffers some major setback in her/his heatlh.

Typically the HKD30,000 maximum for the years medical expenses can go in a few hours in a private hospital and even the additional Critical Illness protection of HKD70,000 or more for cancer treatment will likely go in a week or two if your helper receives such care in a private clinic.

Our point here is that if you genuinely want to be protected from potentially crippling private medical expenses, you have no alternative other than to take out more comprehensive and costly cover. Contact us to find out where is a good place to start.

NOTE: The better quality Home Plans often include the Employees' Compensation (but not the medical) cover, free of charge.

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