The name "BUPA Global" was the trading name launched by BUPA in July 2014 to bring together a globally consistent brand for its two international operations of BUPA International and ihi BUPA. "Bupa Global" is the trading name of Bupa Insurance Ltd and BUPA Insurance Services Ltd, which are companies registered in the UK and which market the Bupa Global products through Bupa Asia Ltd.

Bupa Global has a current customer base of approximately 800,000 people in more than 190 countries, served by around 1700 staff.

In January of 2015, BUPA Global launched in Hong Kong its new international individual medical products, heralding a next chapter in the provision of lifetime medical cover.

The new plans also feature Obesity and Prophylactic Surgery benefits, which are virtually unknown in the insurance world. Prophylactic Surgery is potentially covered. For example, if you had a family history of breast cancer... you could have a double mastectomy, to reduce your risk of cancer. See below for comarison of BUPA Global health plans.


As a marked departure from the IHI products, BUPA's new range of Global products DO NOT offer cover to Americans who resettle in the US.

Brochures and policy documents have been produced in both English and Traditional Chinese and premiums can now be paid in either HKD or USD.

Along with the launch of its new product range BUPA in Hong Kong announced that its legacy individual products, ie:

  • Lifeline ~ Bupa International
  • Worldwide Health Options (BWHO) ~ Bupa International
  • International Swiss Medical Plan (ISM) ~ ihi Bupa
  • Worldwide Health insurance ~ ihi Bupa
  • Superior~ ihi Bupa

were to be withdrawn from sale in Hong Kong on 31/3/2015. Only the International Health and Hospital plan (IHHP) was to be continued.

At this stage, customers already on the above individual products can remain on the plans and make amendments, such as adding a dependent or changing their cover, at renewal.

At the launch of the new BUPA Global products, BUPA explained it had refined its segmentation in order to offer propositions that addressed new segments such as travellers, retirees, students and so on and not just international professionals.

BUPA's research was based on feedback from 3,000 consumers that people also wanted to feel the insurer had some interest in their long term health, so medical check ups had to be a part of the new plans.

The same research additionally indicated that people wanted simple, yet comprehensive cover.

The new BUPA Global plans have no options in terms of whether to include dental or evacuation cover, for example.

Do note that Bupa Global currently has no product in its range that meets the requirements in Germany or Switzerland... though existing members may retain their Bupa cover.

If you would like further information on these plans please click the links below to view the plan documents that interest you:


Effective 1 January 2016 all the following products had the right of customers to reside and claim withdrawn for new business

  • International Health and Hospital Plan (Bupa Global version)

  • International Health and Hospital Plan (Bupa Asia version)

  • International Swiss Medical (ASN and ASN Sanitas version)

  • International Swiss Medical (Bupa Global version)

  • International Swiss Medical (Bupa Asia version)

  • Worldwide Health Insurance (Gr. 3/7/8) (Bupa Global version)

  • Worldwide Health Insurance (Bupa Asia version) Superior (Bupa Global version) Superior (Bupa Asia version)

  • International Top Up Plan (Bupa Global version)

  • International Top Up Plan (Bupa Global version) Sundhedsforsikring for Danskere I Tyskland (in English: ‘Danes in Germany’) (bespoke-like product only in Danish) Tandpleje-, Brilleglas- og Kontaktlinseforsikring (in English: ‘Dental Insurance’ ) (bespoke-like product only in Danish) Sundhedsforsikring for ansatte ved EU (in English: ‘Employees at the EU’) (bespoke-like product only in Danish) Sundhedsforsikringen for udstationerede ved UM og Forsvaret (in English: ‘Employees at the Royal Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ ) (bespoke-like product only in Danish)

Bupa Global Brochures

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Bupa Global Application Forms

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Bupa Global Application Medical Questionnaires


If a staff who is covered by BUPA Global has been a group member for 3 years, then he/she willl have the option to transfer to the:

  • International Health and Hospital Plan ( IHHP) or
  • Elite, Major Medical, Ultimate

In the process, the staff will be asked

  1. Any foreseeable need for treatment in USA, if yes, please provide details?
  2. For female, is the member current pregnant?

Such questions are NOT asked if transferring to BUPA Global's Select or Premier, no additional underwriting is required.


  1. Member needs to fulfil 3 year in the group cover for the above rules apply.
  2. A continual cover is required.
  3. Full medical underwriting applied if member is less than 3 years membership in SME plan and/or only dependants to move to individual plan without the main applicant (main employee).

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