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International Health Insurance danmark a/s (IHI) was bought by BUPA in 2005.

IHI was rebranded as 'IHI-Bupa' in 2009 and in July 2014 was branded as BUPA IHI.

In January 2015 all reference to IHI was dropped from BUPA's marketing and is to be discontinued in all printed material.

Hallmarks of the individual IHI plans are the fact that once accepted, you are guaranteed renewal of the policy for life, regardless of:

  • your age,
  • changes in your health or
  • country of residence...even the US

Uniquely, all professions are covered, as well as all leisure activities, including participation in high-risk sports, on both a professional and hobby level.

When you consider the policy wordings in the market, the remarkable thing about these IHI plans is that they incorporated the fine print of their policy wordings into their marketing brochures with a bold brevity and directness that is rarely seen in the marketing material of competitors.

In January 2015 BUPA announced the closing of its HK based book of IHI business to new business from 1/4/2015, but after protests by intermediaries and clients alike, decided to reverse this decision and permit ongoing sales of these products.

Historically most of our clients have taken cover in USD but with the strengthening of the Swiss Franc, more people are choosing to pay in CHF currency because they want to lock in a higher level of benefits in the longer term.

For a mix of reasons, including BUPA's presence in these countries or local legislation, the IHI products are not available in:

  • Australia,
  • Brazil,
  • Canada,
  • China,
  • Egypt,
  • Germany,
  • Israel
  • Japan,
  • Jordan,
  • Lebanon,
  • Libya
  • Russia,
  • South Africa,
  • UAE,
  • USA

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