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Cigna's "Global Health Options" offers three levels of benefit: Silver, Gold and Platinum.

The Gold and Silver plans are often taken by people only staying abroad for a year or two. Longer term expatriates will generally prefer the Platinum plan, with unlimited cover for medication, an increasingly expensive component of medical care.

Cigna Global Health Options, in addition to the compulsory Hospital cover (called ‘International Medical Cover’ by Cigna) , provides 4 optional modules, as summarized below.

Not only does Cigna offer the traditional excesses, but allows you to choose the level of excess/deductible for hospital and outpatient care, separately.. So for example your excess chosen for more likely outpatient treatment will typically be lower than a deductible you may choose for hospital treatment.

In addition, you also have a choice to have the US style coinsurance or cost share options, together with an ‘out of pocket’ maximum. See table below.

Unlike most other plans in the market, the Cigna Global Health Options plan has no age limits!

A further distinguishing feature is that those aged 60 years old and above, or turning 60 years old within the period of cover, and has one of the following conditions as declared on their medical questionnaire, can claim for the medically necessary outpatient treatment costs associated with the maintenance of the conditions indicated:

Local Hong Kong Medical cover

For those less concerned about having extensive international cover, Cigna offers the HealthFirst Elite Medical plan, summarized below:

The HealthFirst Elite includes a pioneering Quarantine Cash benefit - an extra HK$2,000 cash benefit per day if you are quarantiend due to the coronvirus outbreak.

Note: Customers to follow guidance provided by the Centre for Health Protection, Department of Health, The Government of the HKSAR which includes maintaining basic hygiene and exercising vigilance when travelling.


CIGNA also offers tailor made medical plans which for over 10 staff, will not be subject ot underwriting.


With the number of confirmed and suspected novel coronavirus1 cases rising worldwide, we have introduced a number of special supportive measures to enhance the benefits available to your customers, effective immediately until 1 June 2020 (special protection period).

  1. Coverage of novel coronavirus treatment costs

Any hospitalization or outpatient expenses related to confirmed or suspected cases of novel coronavirus will be claimable to the full extent of the coverage available under Cigna’s health insurance plans. Your customers may refer to their benefits for full details of the coverage they are entitled to.

  1. Benefit for compulsory quarantine2 due to novel coronavirus infection

Cigna HealthFirst Elite Medical Plan already provides best-in-class benefits including Hospital Cash and a pioneering Compulsory Quarantine Cash3 benefit of HK$2,000 per day to any insured person quarantined due to notifiable diseases. This would extend to compulsory quarantine ordered by a physician due to confirmed or suspected infection with the novel coronavirus, whether the compulsory quarantine takes place in an isolated hospital ward, a government-appointed isolated site, or at home. This benefit is paid daily for up to 14 days.

For policyholders of our other medical reimbursement plans (includingCigna VHIS Series,Cigna HealthFirst Medical Plan Series4), and members of the Cigna Local Employee Benefits Plan, we are making available anextra one-off payment of HK$2,000 cash for compulsory quarantinedue to confirmed or suspected novel coronavirus infection which will apply during this special protection period.

  1. No penalty for ward upgrade in case of novel coronavirus hospitalization

In case of hospitalization related to novel coronavirus, we understand that additional measures may be taken to prevent the spread of infection, including confinement in an isolation ward.Any applicable adjustment factor will be waived during this special protection period for such cases where confinement takes place in a higher class of hospital ward than is covered by the relevant plan (such as confinement in a Standard Private Room of a hospital for the purposes of isolation, when the coverage is limited to confinement in a Semi-Private Room or Standard Ward).

  1. Express claim procedure

Cigna will prioritize the assessment of claims related to the treatment of novel coronavirus during this special protection period to speed up and simplify the claims procedures. We recommend submitting any claims online during this time: your customers may simply log in to our customer portalor download ourMyCigna HKapp from theorstore (by searching“MyCigna HK”).

  1. Cigna Virtual Consultation – Obtain medical advice without spending time waiting in a clinic

Policyholders of Cigna’s medical plans (including our VHIS Series) can enjoy fast and convenient medical services through Cigna Virtual Consultation – a telemedicine service that allows your customers to book virtual consultations with Cigna network doctors, receive medical consultations through video and enjoy medicine delivery citywide and specialty service referral.

With telemedicine, your customers do not need to be present at the clinic and face lengthy waiting times– which might reduce the chance of acquiring infection at a crowded clinic. To enjoy Cigna’s virtual consultation service, download the DoctorNow app (search for “DoctorNow” via App Store / Google Play) and your customers may consult a medical professional available via smartphone or tablet.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to your dedicated One Cigna team representative.


Business Development, Cigna Hong Kong


信諾努力維護成員的健康,並堅守我們的使命,助成員提升健康及提供安心的保障。有鑑於「新冠肺炎」1的確診及懷疑感染數字於全球持續上升,我們特此推出特設額外保障給予您的客戶,並即時生效至202061 (特別保障期)

6) 「新冠肺炎」的醫療費用涵蓋範圍

7) 因感染「新冠肺炎」而須強制隔離2的保障



8) 取消因治療「新冠肺炎」需升級至較高的醫院病房級別而引致的賠付調整

信諾深明如因確診或懷疑感染「新冠肺炎」需加強措施以防病毒擴散,包括入住單獨病房。於特別保障期內,我們取消因確診或懷疑感染「新冠肺炎」而入住比保單指定的醫院病房級別為高的賠付調整 (例如保單指定的級別為半私家房,因治療「新冠肺炎」 需單獨住房而升級至標準私家房的情況) 。

9) 特快理賠程序

信諾會於特別保障期內對所有「新冠肺炎」的索賠手續簡化,並獲優先特快處理。我們建議您的客戶可登入我們的客戶平台,或由Google PlayApp Store下載「MyCigna HK」應用程式。

10) 信諾視像診療 無需在診所排隊和等候,輕鬆獲得醫療建議

信諾之保單持有人(包括自願醫保) 可透過信諾視像診療享受快速便捷的醫療服務。信諾視像診療是一種遠程醫療服務,您的客戶可使用「DoctorNow」應用程式預約信諾網絡醫生,以視頻形式進行諮詢,獲得全城藥物送遞及專業服務轉介。

透過視像診療,您的客戶無需在診所排隊和等候見醫生,有助減少在擠擁的診所中感染病毒的機會。請即於智能電話或平板電腦於App StoreGoogle Play下載DoctorNow應用程式 ,以享用信諾視像診療享受快速便捷的醫療服務。

如有任何疑問,歡迎聯絡專屬您的One Cigna團隊代表。



(1) “Novel coronavirus” means the 2019-nCoV virus and the related illness (COVID-19) as defined by the World Health Organization.

(2) "Compulsory quarantine" means the insured person is confirmed or suspected to have contracted 2019-nCoV virus as certified by any Physician, and the insured person is being confined in an isolated ward of a hospital or kept in an isolated site appointed by the government or at home quarantine for at least twenty-four (24) consecutive hours and continuously stays in there until discharged from the quarantine. Compulsory quarantine order by the government due to travel history alone does not apply.

(3) Please refer to the relevant benefit schedule and policy provision for more details.

(4) One-off extra payment is applicable to Cigna HealthFirst Choice Medical Plan, Cigna Plus Medical Plan, Cigna HealthFirst TopUp Medical Plan, and Cigna HealthFirst DiaMedic Medical Plan under Cigna HealthFirst Medical Plan Series and Standard Plan, Flexi Plan (SMM), and Flexi Plan (Superior) under Cigna VHIS Series.


(2) 強制隔離是指受保人因由醫生書面證明確診或懷疑感染「新冠肺炎」,而須於被限制在醫院的隔離病房、在政府指定的隔離地點或在家隔離至少連續二十四(24)小時,並持續逗留直至從隔離地點離開為止。單獨因旅遊史而受政府下令的強制隔離不適用。

(3) 詳情請參閱相關保障賠償表及保單詳情及條款規定。

(4) 一次性額外特別強制隔離現金適用於信諾醫療保系列之信諾自選醫療保、信諾升級醫療保、信諾醫療保上保、信諾糖路同行醫療保,及信諾自願醫保系列之標準計劃、靈活計劃(附加保障)及靈活計劃(優越)。

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