Cigna Hong Kong

Cigna in Hong Kong has a long history going back to 1933.

It operates both in the local life insurance market with a range of individual and group life (term and unit linked), accident and health insurance programmes.

In the local market, its HealthFirst Choice Group health product is popular, though like the normal Hong Kong group policy, is bought on a budget and beset by many limitations. HealthFirst Elite is a similar product for individuals and uniquely offers US cover for 365 consecutive days and thereafter, at a reducing percentage.

Better known among expatriates are the international activities of Cigna whereby Cigna in HK effectively fronts for individual and group products developed by Cigna in the UK.

Sales of individual (Cigna Global Health Options) and group products (CignaPrime Health Care Plan) are made in Hong Kong but are thereafter serviced by back office staff in the UK and to some extent, Singapore.

Cigna in HK provides no direct access to its US based group health and accident policies, such as the Global Health Advantage for SME's and the more extensive 'CORE' programmes for larger groups.

US based international Cigna group products generally differ from the HK equivalents in universally including the the option of US treatment and as well, excluding cover for claims related to Employees' Compensation. Generally too, the hospital cover with the US sourced plans is for Semi-Private rather than Private room accommodation.

Cigna HK clients however enjoy the same access to inpatient and outpatient networks, the so called 'Cigna Links' programme which is a hallmark of Cigna worldwide.

In terms of history, Cigna was established in 1982 following the merger of the INA Corporation and Connecticut General Corporations.

As of 2013, Cigna Worldwide's multi-national office network spans some 30 countries and serves approximately 85,000,000 customers.

Cigna is ranked 97 on the Fortune 500.

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