Freedom Health Insurance

Freedom has 3 products;

  • Elite plan
  • Worldwide (their international plan) and
  • Essentials plan.

Freedom's 'Elite' medical plan is designed to meet the cost of elective, short-term medical treatment provided by a
specialist that you need because you are suffering from an unexpected acute condition that first arises during a period of insurance. The Elite plan routinely does not cover pre-existing conditions or chronic conditions. However, if you have been previously underwritten and are currently covered by a UK based, FCA authorised insurer, Freedom will offer to accept you according to the original underwriting of your plan.

So for example, if you were underwritten with a 20% loading for a back condition, then Freedom will consider to accept you on the same terms. This means of underwriting is called 'Continuation of Previous Medical Underwriting' or 'CPME' terms.

All Freedom Elite policies must include the core cover as standard. This covers inpatient and daypatient treatment, certain pregnancy complications and dental surgical procedures, MRI, CT and PET scans, home nursing, private ambulance and NHS cash benefit. The core cover also includes full cancer cover.

For cover to be issued it is required that you be registered with a GP.

See summary of benefits and exclusions below. More precise information is provided in the policy document.

If you would like to know more about this policy and receive an obligation free quote, please contact Robin Brown on +852 2530 2539 (

The Worldwide plan offers 5 levels of protection.. as per benefit table below.

The Essentials plan works slightly differently to a traditional Interntational Medical plan.

Out-patient treatment (consultations and diagnostics, MRI, CT and PET scans) is all settled on a direct settlement basis with the treatment provider, whilst all other benefits are on a fixed cash benefit.

Your have the option to seek treatment privately, via the NHS or even abroad. The cancer cover on this policy is very limited, the only benefit is a fixed cash amount for surgery as part of your cancer treatment, and a fixed amount per session of radio/chemotherapy.

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