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FWD's One Medical Solution

FWD's 'TheOne" Medical Solutionprovides a Lifetime Limit of up to HK$100 million, including a range of hospitalization and surgical benefits, as well as providing First-dollar Coverage – Deductible Waived for Designated Critical Illnesses.

What's more, it provides reimbursement for your regular health screenings.

Hospitalization and surgical benefits include daily hospital accommodation in a Standard Private Room, with surgery fees, physician's visits and specialist's fees, etc. all covered.

The Plan provides 3 different types of plans that cover 3 different geographic areas.

Furthermore, three Annual Deductible5 options (HK$0, HK$40,000 and HK$80,000) help reduce yoru costs.

The Plan provides additional Annual Limit of up to HK$2 million to cover medical expenses of organ and bone marrow transplantation, chemotherapy and radiotherapy, and kidney dialysis.

Regardless of any significant changes in your health, financial condition or claim history, FWD guarantees that TheOne policy will be renewable until the age of 99, subject to the continual availability of the Plan, terms and conditions applicable, the benefits and the prevailing premium rates of the Plan at the time of renewal.

Benefits and premium are not guaranteed and subject to change by FWD.

The Plan enables you to switch to a lower Annual Deductible option once (per lifetime) when you turn 49, 54, 59 or 65 without the need to provide proof of insurability.

If you need treatment overseas, International SOS 24-hour Worldwide Assistance Services will assist with hospital treatment guarantees, medical advice, emergency medical evacuation or transport of mortal remains, etc.

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FWD eServices App – eClaim: for Group claims

FWD Group Medical Claims – 2-day* approval (Excluding bank clearling d=elays) ! FWD's eServices supports: Submission of e-claims for group medical insurance policy claims including hospitalisation, outpatient and dental claims without needing to provide original receipts for claims under HKD2,000.

Eclaims applications can be completed in a matter of minutes. Push notification is also provided to inform you of the claims status and claims statement for downloading.

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