Company Medical - BusinessEXPAT

Below is a comparison table of the Group options MSH provides for groups of 3 or more expatriates.

Once your company has around 30-40 staff, MSH will offer instead a tailor-made plan.

Once you reach the age of 70 in a company scheme, the cover will be stopped. IF by the time you reach age 70 you have an individual plan, you will be allowed to continue cover.

The MSH BusinessEXPAT plan offers four levels of cover

  • Quartz
  • Pearl
  • Saphire
  • Diamond


Q? Is renewal guaranteed?

A . Yes, if there is still more than 4 people on the plan at renewal time.

Q? What happens at renewal if we my company has high claims?

A . MSH both look at the global claim rate on all their portfolio and as well the claim experience of your company to decide on the next year's increase. They also take into account the global increase of the medical costs worldwide.

Q? What happens if a staff member leaves the company. can they take cover with them with no need to complete a questionnaire?

A . MSH can guarantee them a continuance of coverage through their individual range, but the departing employee will have to complete a medical questionnaire for hi/herself and family.

Q? What has been the price rise in percentage terms for this plan over the last 5 years?

A . MSH launched BusinessEXPAT in summer of 2018 and has no increase as yet (Feb 2020).

Q? Although BusinessEXPAT is especially designed for expatriate groups, can it also cover local staff?

A. MSH insurer, 'Allianz' , only tolerates 10 to 15% locals on its expatriates corporate plans.

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