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Types of Domestic Helper Insurance


In Hong Kong, domestic helper insurance, also known as Foreign Domestic Helper (FDH) insurance, is a type of insurance coverage specifically designed for domestic helpers employed in households. It provides financial protection for both the employer and the domestic helper in the event of accidents, injuries, or other unforeseen circumstances. There are several types of domestic helper insurance available in Hong Kong, including:

  1. Employee's Compensation Insurance: This insurance is mandatory for all employers in Hong Kong, including those hiring domestic helpers. It provides coverage for medical expenses and compensation in case of accidental injury, disablement, or death of the domestic helper arising from work-related accidents or occupational diseases.

  2. Medical Insurance: Some employers may opt to provide additional medical insurance coverage for their domestic helpers. This insurance typically covers non-work-related medical expenses, including outpatient consultations, hospitalization, and surgeries.

  3. Personal Accident Insurance: Personal accident insurance provides coverage in the event of accidental injuries, disability, or death suffered by the domestic helper. It may include benefits such as accidental death, permanent disability, medical expenses, and repatriation expenses.

  4. Third-Party Liability Insurance: This insurance covers any legal liability incurred by the domestic helper for causing injury or property damage to a third party. It provides financial protection if the domestic helper is found legally responsible for any accidents or damages that occur during the course of their employment.

It's important for you as an employers to carefully review the terms and coverage details of the insurance policies available in Hong Kong to ensure they meet their specific requirements and comply with legal obligations, contact us if you need help with this discernment. Insurance providers and policies may vary, so it's advisable to consult for more detailed information on the available options and to choose the most appropriate coverage for your domestic helper.


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