The Toyota Alphard* and its twin sister ‘Vellfire’ **are amoung the most popular ‘people movers’ ín Hong Kong.

The reasons are simple. Toyota reliability and safety are coupled with an elegant blend of styling and comfort that make for relaxing travel for families, friends and business guests.

In the top models, the second row seats are armchairs, with electrical recline and extending leg rests! The rear seats also come with rear climate control and air vents to all seats.

In Hong Kong, the Alphard comes with seven or eight seater models and petrol or hybrid engines. The hybrid variants have been available for the past twenty years and come with Toyota’s ‘Hybrid Synergy Drive’ technology.

Engine options available include:

  • 2.5 liter petrol
  • 2.5 liter petrol / hybrid
  • 3.5 liter

With each of these there is a four wheel drive option which is badged s ’FOUR’.

If you are looking to carry any kind of load with passengers and luggage, the 3.5 liter is definately recommended for climbing the Peak!

In 2019 Toyota launced a luxury limousine version of the Alphard and badged it as ‘Lexus LM ‘. This ‘Luxury Mover ‘ is slighty longer and is a quieter ride, having double glazed / dual windows. The LM offers two seating configurations, a 7-seater configuration based on the Alphard Executive Lounge variant, and a 4-seater configuration named the "Emperor Suite", based on the Alphard Royal Lounge variant.

A variant of the Vellfire was launched in China in 2020 and called the ‘Crown Vellfire ‘. In our view this was essentially a cosmetic change, made most noticebile by the crown logo that replaces the front Toyota logo!

If interested to buy a new Alphard, check out ‘ Crown Motors ‘ the exclusive distributor - https://www.toyota.com.hk/en/our-vehicles/alphard

If looking for a second hand Alphard there are various websites, such as :





Amoungst our professional clients, Vins Motors seems to be the preferred provider. See :

https://www.vinsmotors.com.hk/listings/toyota-alphard-2-5/ for the 2.5 liter and

https://www.vinsmotors.com.hk/listings/toyota-alphard-3-5-2/ for the 3.5 liter model


* The name ‘ Alphard ’ comes from the name of the brightest star in the constellation Hydra, the largest of all constellations. The front emblem is a depiction of the Greek letter ‘ a ‘.

** The name ‘ Vellfire ’ , contrary to the supposition of many, is not some reference to ‘ Hell Fire ‘ but rather a combination word derived from ‘velvet ‘(i.e ‘ smooth ‘) and ‘ fire ‘ (i.e. ‘passionate ‘, ‘ alive ‘, ‘ engaged ‘).

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