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    Classic Car Insurance

    Many people owning a classic car or more (i.e. a car over 20 years old) in Hong Kong, they use it as their 'weekend' car and share the fun with other car enthusiasts.

    As a result, some insurance companies offer discounted third party and comprehensive motor insurance policiies that are priced based on your 'no claim bonus' entitlement as well as the number of miles you drive in a year.

    As most classic car owners also have other car, it is common for some recognition for their driving record with their 'weekday' car to be given when providing a 'No Claim Bonus' to the classic car.

    The mileage price point will differ between various insurers, but is typically between 1,000 and 5,000 miles (i.e. between 1,600km and 8,000km).

    The costs rise incrementally if you exceed these limitations.


    Classic Car Insurance FAQ

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