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    Domestic Helper Insurance

    In Hong Kong, domestic helper insurance refers to the mandatory insurance coverage that employers must provide for their domestic helpers, also known as foreign domestic workers. It is a type of insurance designed to protect domestic helpers in the event of work-related injuries or accidents.

    Employers are responsible for arranging and paying for the EC Insurance on behalf of their domestic helpers. Failure to comply with the legal requirement can result in penalties and legal consequences.

    It's important for employers to ensure they have the appropriate insurance coverage to protect their domestic helpers and comply with the law. Employers should consult with insurance providers or employment agencies to obtain the necessary insurance coverage and understand the requirements and costs involved.

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    Domestic Helper Insurance Insights

    About DH Insurance in Hong Kong

    In Hong Kong, domestic helper insurance is a mandatory and crucial aspect of employing foreign domestic helpers. Employers are obligated to provide medical insurance coverage for their domestic helpers, encompassing both outpatient and inpatient medical expenses, including hospitalization and surgical procedures. Additionally, employers have the option to extend the coverage to include personal accident insurance and third-party liability insurance. Personal accident insurance covers disability or death resulting from accidents, while third-party liability insurance protects against damages or injuries caused by the domestic helper to others. However, insurance providers often exclude pre-existing medical conditions from coverage. The cost of domestic helper insurance can vary depending on the extent of coverage and the chosen insurance provider. 

    Insurance for your Domestic Helper is your/ an Employers' responsibility.

    Employers are responsible for paying the insurance premium separately from the domestic helper's salary. The Hong Kong government strictly enforces this requirement, and compliance with the law is essential to avoid penalties or legal consequences. To ensure transparency and clarity, the specifics of the insurance coverage should be explicitly stated in the employment contract between the employer and the domestic helper.

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