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    Motor Insurance

    In Hong Kong, it is compulsory to have HKD100,000,000 Third Party Liability insurance in case we injure someone.

    In addition, insurers provide liability cover for third party property damage. The maximum property damage cover is HKD2m (This property damage limit can sometimes be increased by negotiation, most commonly to HKD5m).

    Similar to most countries, there are two types of car insurances available in HK as well.

        Third Party & Comprehensive

    While Third party only covers liability to others, Comprehensive cover includes the cost of repairing damage to your own vehicle, whether or not you are at fault.

    If your car is worth under HKD1,000,000, most policy wordings will be almost identical in terms of benefits.


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    Motor Insurance Insights

    You need to know

    • Coverage Type - Choose between Third Party, Third Party Fire & Theft, or Comprehensive based on your protection needs.

    • Vehicle Value - Ensure your car is insured for the current market value in case of a total loss.

    • Driving History - Maintain a clean record to qualify for No-Claims Discount which lowers your premiums over time.

    • Excess Amount - Familiarize yourself with the deductible you're responsible for paying in partial loss claims.

    • Optional Coverages - Consider add-ons like windshield repair/replacement or passenger liability coverage.

    • Vehicle Usage - Inform your insurer about any commercial use that differs from standard social/commuting purposes.

    • Authorized Drivers - Disclose all regular drivers to be covered under the policy.

    • Vehicle Security - Confirm your car meets the minimum safety standard requirements like an alarm/immobilizer.

    • Policy Terms - Understand covered/excluded uses and actions that could void your insurance coverage.

    • Payment Schedule - Note due dates and applicable interest charges for missed premium installments.

    • Accident Reporting - Attend to any police report filing or insurer notifications right away after an incident.

    • Renewals - Review coverage limits periodically as your needs and vehicle value change over time.

    Motor Insurance FAQs

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