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    Employees' Compensation Insurance

    Employee's Compensation Insurance (ECI) in Hong Kong is a crucial component of the city's labor and insurance landscape. It provides protection for both employers and employees in the event of work-related injuries or illnesses. Here are some key insights about ECI in Hong Kong:

    The Employees' Compensation Ordinance of Hong Kong (Chapter 282 of the Laws of Hong Kong) applies to all full time or part-time employees who are employed under contracts of service or apprenticeship.

    The law applies to Hong Kong based employers who have employees employed in and outside Hong Kong.

    All Hong Kong based employers are required to take out insurance policies to cover their liabilities both under:

      • the EC Ordinance and
      • at common law

    for injuries or illnesses suffered by employees on account of their work.

    Any employer who, without reasonable excuse, fails to pay the compensation or a surcharge is liable to prosecution and, upon conviction, to a maximum fine of $100,000.

    For Domestic helpers it is important to check if your plan covers 'working overseas'. If your helper(s) accompany you on a trip. In Hong Kong, very few insurers actually give this protection, unlike business insurance policies.

    Irrespective of whether an accident or occupational disease will result in any liability to pay compensation, Section 15 of the Ordinance requires employers to notify the Commissioner of Labour as follows:

    Affliction Resulting in Notice Period Form
    Work Injury Incapacity for less than 3 days Within 14 days Form 2B
    Incapacity for greater than 3 days Form 2
    Death Within 7 days
    Occupational Disease Incapacity Within 14 days Form 2A
    Death Within 7 days

    Any employer who fails without reasonable excuse to meet the deadlines as above, is liable to a fine of up to HKD50,000.

    Useful Documents

    Revised Levels of Compensation under the 6* Schedule of Employees' Compensation Ordinance ("ECO") Cap 282 with effect from 13 April 2023

    Item under ECO Existing Level (HKD) Revised Level with effect from 13 April 2023 (HKD)
    Ceiling of monthly earnings (for calculating compensation for death and permanent total incapacity)
    Minimum amount of compensation for death
    Minimum amount of compensation for permanent total incapacity
    Compensation for employees requiring attention by another person

    Minimum amount of surcharge on late payment of compensation
    • Initial surcharge
    • Further surcharge



    Maximum amount of the cost of supplying and fitting a prosthesis or surgical appliance



    Maximum amount of the cost of the repair and renewal of a prosthesis or surgical appliance



    Minimum monthly earnings (for calculating periodical payments during work injury sick leave)



    Employees Compensation Insurance Insights

    Legal Requirement

    Employee's Compensation Insurance is mandatory for all employers in Hong Kong under the Employees' Compensation Ordinance. Employers are required to provide insurance coverage for their employees to compensate for injuries or diseases arising from employment.


    ECI covers work-related injuries and occupational diseases suffered by employees during the course of their employment. It provides compensation for medical expenses, rehabilitation, and loss of earnings resulting from such injuries or illnesses.

    Benefits for Employees

    Under ECI, employees are entitled to various benefits, including medical expenses, hospitalization, and compensation for loss of earnings, temporary or permanent disablement, and death benefits to beneficiaries in case of a fatal accident.

    Employees’ Compansation Insurance FAQs

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