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AXA PPP International is part of the AXA Group, and is based in Tunbridge Wells in Kent, UK. The AXA group dates back to 1817. The name 'AXA' was adopted in 1985 because Claude Bébéar, the CEO at the time wanted a short, snappy name that communicated vitality and could be pronounced the same in any language!

AXA PPP was originally known as The London Association for Hospital Services, set up in 1938 as a private healthcare scheme for people of middle income in London. The company was incorporated in 1940 with assistance from the British Medical Association, the King's Fund, and the medical royal colleges. By 1960 it had grown to approximately 121,000 members. Guardian Royal Exchange Assurance acquired PPP healthcare in 1998 only to be themselves acquired by Sun Life & Provincial Holdings, part of the AXA group in 1999.

The phrase 'Private Patients Plan' was used in the National Health Service to refer to a co-operative venture between the state and private enterprise, where private enterprise would step in to cater for areas not being covered by the state.

AXA PPP International came into being in 2009 in order to better serve the needs of the growing expatriate market. AXA PPP aims to set up a Hong Kong servicing centre in 2016 in order to give better attention to its expanding client base. It is also aiming to have a compliant product offering in Dubai in the same time frame.

In a market where a 10%+ price increase year by year is normal, AXA PPP has managed to typically keep the rate of premium increases under 10%.


In Hong Kong the AXA PPP range of products are underwritten and administered by AXA Hong Kong, and umbrella brand of the various general, life and investment companies owned by AXA in Hong Kong.

AXA Global's, (formerly AXA PPP) international policy offers four levels of cover:

  • Standard
  • Comprehensive
  • Prestige
  • Prestige Plus

See the comparison tab for more detail.

It is important to note that no matter which cover level you choose:

  • AXA Global's plans are designed to cover the treatment of medical conditions that start after you join. That means the plans don’t normally cover pre‐existing conditions, unless AXA has agreed to do so from the outset. AXA'S practice is NOT to load premiums in order to cover such conditions.
  • The plans only cover charges for treatment that the hospital or medical practitioner that would be considered reasonable and customary in the country where you have the treatment.

The AXA Global health insurance plans also don't cover:

  • Treatment outside your area of cover or against medical advice.
  • Treatment for injuries as a result of sports that you receive money for taking part in.
  • Costs for arranging treatment, such as phone calls and travel.
  • Treatment designed to prevent illness rather than treat it.

Key underwriting questions asked are as follow:

  1. Have you or any person included in this application had any treatment in hospital or consulted a medical practitioner in the last 12 months?
  2. Do you or anyone else included in this application, have any treatment, any consultations, investigations, or diagnostic tests planned or pending?
  3. Do you or anyone else to be insured on this policy need to be admitted to hospital for an overnight stay for planned or pending treatment?
  4. In the last five years, has anyone to be insured under this policy, had, or received treatment for:
    • any form of heart condition or problem
    • stroke
    • diabetes
    • cancer
    • mental illness, including, depression that has required referral to a psychiatrist

Each of these four AXA Global plans can be collected in a group plan and administered as a true group plan.

For groups of five or more staff, AXA PPP offers to disregard medical history, meaning there are no medical questionnaires to be completed and staff and dependents are guaranteed cover with no questions asked. On leaving the company staff have 3 months to decide if to continue comparable cover on an individual basis, again without underwriting. Depending though on your medical history, the standard individual premium may be increased. See Company tab for more information.

AXA GLOBAL DOCUMENTS: Contact us for more information.

AXA PPP, now available in Hong Kong. Via AXA locally, group cover is offered based on the individual policy referenced above. Key features are as below:


For groups of 5-9 staff, AXA offer to disregard medical history, so staff need complete medical questionnaires. However, AXA does ask the HR Manager or Administrator a couple of questions:

  1. To the best of your knowledge, has the member to be included on this scheme, been diagnosed with, or received any form of treatment/ consultation for cancer in the past five years?
  2. To the best of your knowledge, has any person to be included on this policy have any medical condition that is likely to result in an inpatient stay in hospital?


  • All benefits can be used from day 1
  • Global portability – same benefits applicable in all countries within area of cover
  • True community rated increases
  • Guaranteed renewability (as long as no breach of Terms & Conditions)
  • Group leaver conversion included


  • 24/7 Customer Service, with Hong Kong Toll Free Number. All in house and managed by AXA Global Healthcare
  • Multilingual language and servicing capability.
  • Strong Direct Settlement Network worldwide (over 1.1 million providers worldwide). For Hong Kong, please find attached.
  • Guarantee of Payments issued within 48 hours for non-emergency cases and within 24 hours for emergency cases, utilising our local partner IPA Hong Kong.


  • Fully digital, paperless claiming through our online member claims portal, with no invoice limit
  • Claims processed within 10 working days (Typically over 90% are processed in 3 working days)
  • Can claim in any currency/ language and we can reimburse in multiple currencies.

AXA GLOBAL DOCUMENTS: Contact us for more information.

If you need medical treatment, AXA PPP has made it as easy as possible to make a claim - simply use this quick step-by-step guide.

If you are accessing emergency treatment, make sure you or someone you know lets us at Navigator or AXA PPP know as soon as possible.

Claim Steps : After logging in to Customer Online

Check you're covered. Your premium needs to have been paid and your policy, current.

  1. Check you're covered.

  2. Check your treatment is covered. Once logged in, go to your Message Centre and select the 'Check cover for a new condition' or 'Check cover for a new treatment (existing condition)' from the drop down menu. Alternatively, you can call the crew at Navigator or AXA PPP's team of Personal Advisers

If you have out-patient treatment, most medical providers will require you to settle your bill straight away.

However, if this is likely to be expensive or your credit card has reached its limit, please call / email the crew at Navigator and we will do all we can to persuade AXA PPP to find a way to settle directly with.

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