Many modern travellers don’t fit outdated ‘one size fits all’ travel insurance industry standards. 21st Century globetrotters need lean, tailored insurance that they can access from devices, not faxes. That’s why Battleface was started, to provide travel insurance and services to outside-the-box travellers.

Don’t need it? Then don’t pay for it. That’s why Battleface begin with the basics. From there, individuals and groups can build plans according to specific needs and get quotes quickly. Because inspiration doesn’t always happen during business hours, we’re available 24-7 for tips on customising plans.

Go big or go home, right? Our core customers include curious travellers, freelancers, humanitarians, digital nomads and adventure travellers. People who go to remote or challenging places, where a bit of local know-how can go a long way. Where traditional communication methods may be unreliable.

That’s why on-the-ground emergency support is built into every policy, and accessible via a tech-based platform that fits in your pocket.

Battleface provides unique travel insurance benefits and services to travellers visiting or working internationally, including in the world’s most challenging places, covers dangerous places, emergency medical treatment, evacuation and accidents, adventure activities and travel to isolated places with 24/7 on-the-ground assistance and claims services.

Battleface was developed by Tangiers Insurance Services, an insurance intermediary and coverholder at Lloyd’s of London, the world’s specialist insurance and reinsurance market.

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We provide single-trip travel medical insurance coverage with the benefits and limits listed below.

With the exception of Personal Accident and Personal Liability, all benefits are subject to an Excess (aka, the Deductible, or what you have to pay before we pay) as stated in the Policy Schedule, and are per Policy Period.

As you go through our purchase path, there is an Add-ons section where you can choose your own limit for Accidental Death & Permanent Total Disability and Baggage Loss or Delay. You can also choose to add Winter Sports, Business Extension cover and separate Crisis Response protection.

This page is only a summary of our program. Please read the policy carefully to fully understand the coverage, terms, conditions, limits and exclusions. This summary does not replace or change any part of the policy. If there is a conflict between this summary and the policy, the policy will control.


Note: All benefits and limits are per person, available in USD, GBP, CHF and EUR currencies. This product cannot be purchased more than 90 days in advance.

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Crisis Response offers protection and assistance up to 250,000 (available in USD, GBP, CHF and EUR currencies) for:

  • victims of violent crimes
  • wrongful detention
  • mysterious disappearance
  • kidnapping
  • blackmail
  • extortion, political threats
  • hijacking
  • acts of terrorism

Additional coverage available for extra expenses up to 50,000 for the following:

  • Emergency political evacuation costs
  • Legal expenses
  • Fees and expenses of an independent interpreter
  • Costs of relocation travel and accommodation
  • Fees for emergency medical care incurred within twelve months of the covered crisis
  • Fees and expenses of security guards temporarily retained solely and directly for the purpose of protecting Protected Person(s) located in the country where a crisis has occurred

Crisis Response is currently not available for trips with the following destinations: Cuba, Libya, North Korea, Somalia, Syria, Venezuela and Yemen.

Our experts coordinate with local law enforcement.

Blackmail and Extortion?
If someone’s putting the squeeze on you, battleface can help squeeze back.

Political Evacuation?
If riots break out and you need to get out of town, we can arrange transportation, find an interpreter and hire security to keep you safe.

What do you call a crisis?
A crisis is any decisive, unstable or crucial time resulting from an unforeseen situation which has directly caused or has the potential to cause serious bodily harm, detention or death.

OK, I’m in a crisis. What now?
Call us. Have a system already in place to let someone know you’re OK, a code the bad guys can’t break. Example: An SMS of the lyrics to ‘Sweet Child of Mine’, a line at a time. If your folks get a ‘What’s Up?’ instead of ‘Where do we go?/ Where do we go now?’ they’ll know something’s wrong. That way, if you can’t communicate with us, your people back home can.

We strongly recommend that you provide contact information, ours and yours, to your travel companies, friends and family members. That way if something happens and you can’t reach us, people back home can contact battleface 24/7 via email or telephone, +44 (20) 80895338. Key Navigator staff are also available 24/7.

- Romi Gill +852 9094 8602

- Tess Suliwan + 852 9801 1009

Who is eligible?
battleface customers can add Crisis Response to their policies.

How about children under 18?
Parents, guardians and legally responsible adults can add kids who reside with them to their Crisis Response at the full adult price. Sorry, safety doesn’t come in children’s sizes.

Who are your experts?
MS Risk is the consultant service provider. They respond to and resolve specialty risk events including extortion, hijacking (any form of conveyance), illegal detention and arrest, kidnap for ransom, malicious product tamper and contamination.

MS Risk
Ragnal House, South Suite
18 Peel Road, Douglas
IM1 4LZ Isle of Man

I still have questions
Need answers? email crew@navigator-insurance.com

Full details of battleface™ plans are set out in our Policy Documents and summarised in the Table of Benefits. Based on your home country of residence, you will be able to find appropriate documents relevant to Hong Kong

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