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Established in 1991, China Pacific Insurance (Group) Co., Ltd. (“CPIC”) is an Insurance group first established in Shanghai.

CPIC provides a broad range of asset management and risk protection to over 80 million customers throughout the China.

Its subsidiaries are the

  • 2nd largest property insurance (China Pacific Life Insurance Co., Ltd9 and
  • 3rd largest life insurance company (China Pacific Property Insurance Co., Ltd.)

CPIC has a strong ethos of social responsibility and is one of the few insurance companies donating to orphanages and the victims that have been afflicted by the floods, earthquakes and storms that convulse China regularly.

In Hong Kong CPIC is particularly strong in Office Insurance and Motor Insurance.


CPIC offers a traditional Hong Kong home plan with sums insured related to the size of your apartment/ house. It also has an option for insuring your helper.

CPIC has probably the most competitive office package policy in the market.

For example, if the annual wages of each employee is below HK$320,000.-, then CPIC would charge ony HK$500 per year per employee.

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The CPIC ‘Pay per Mille’ car insurance is a private vehicle insurance product solution based on an end of year mileage calculation.

After the end of the insurance period, premium adjustments are made according to different standards for different mileages driven during the insurance year.

Providing you drive less than 15,000 kilometers, you will have some rebate, as per the table below:

Premium adjustment amount = initial premium * adjustment ratio.

If the final mileage is less than 15,000 kilometers, a rebate of the premium based on the table above will be refunded to the customer. The maximum customer refund rate is 28% of the initial premium. If the final mileage exceeds 16,000 kilometers, the customer will be charged an additional premium, according to the formula.

The less driving mileage, the higher the premium refund rate; premiums will be charged if the mileage exceeds 16,000 kilometers.

This product is more suitable for weekenders and other drivers who only occasionally drive.

NOTE: CPIC provides for each insured, a tracking device to accurately measure mileage travelled.

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CPIC do not write EC alone and even with other lines of businesses, some industries are on their excluded list, such as individuals and organizations engaged in:

  • Catering services (with Flammable cooking);
  • Construction relating to superstructure & under ground works;
  • Logistics and
  • Cleaning.

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