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Cigna Global Thailand is a brand of the CIGNA group specialising in plans created for local nationals and expatriates residing and working in Thailand.

As of 2020, Cigna has developed into a globally recognised and trusted health services company. With over 160 million customer relationships in over 200 countries and jurisdictions, Cigna operates through their extensive international workforce and partnered medical network. Cigna's quality medical care, convenient healthcare tools and holistic approach to wellbeing offers their customers peace of mind.

Cigna Global Thailand has recently launched their Cigna Global Health Thailand (CGHT) plan. This is the Thailand version of their Cigna's Global Health Options (CGHO) plan.

CGHT Products and Services:

  • Global Individual Personal Medical Insurance (GIPMI)
  • Cigna Wellbeing (Global Telehealth)

Cigna Global Health Thailand (CGHT) is an international product specifically created for local nationals and expatriates residing and working in Thailand.

Global Individual Personal Medical Insurance (GIPMI):

The plan consists of three different levels of cover: Silver Health, Gold Health and Platinum Health.

There are also three options of area of coverage to choose from, depending on needs and location: Asia excluding Hong Kong, Singapore and China, Worldwide excluding USA and Worldwide including USA.

Benefits include:

No waiting period for Inpatient and Outpatient benefits;

  • Inpatient

  • Outpatient

  • Medical Evacuation and Repatriation
  • Health and Wellbeing

Waiting period;

  • Vision and Dental

  • Mother and Baby Care

Manage Your Premium;

  • Deductible, co-insurance with 'Maximum Out of Pocket' allows the customer to pay less in terms of premium
    • Other insurance coverage can be used to subsidise cost and excess

Payment Option and Mode of Frequency;

  1. Annually
  2. Quarterly
  3. Monthly

Credit Card and Debit Card for Monthly, Quarterly and Annually.

Transfer option is for Annual Payment only.

Additional Benefits;

  • Members over 70 years can be covered as age of entry is up to 99 years old
  • Direct payment or cashless inpatient treatment in more than 55 first top-tier hospital networks in Thailand (78 cashless providers); with 1.65 million providers worldwide

Additional Information;

  • 180 days of home coverage for non-Thai nationals
    • Members can select to have treatment outside of Thailand due to medical necessity
  • Out of area emergency coverage is limited to a maximum of 21 days per trip and a maximum of 60 days per period of cover for all trips combined
  • Air ambulance is included and paid in full under inpatient benefit for evacuation in case of an emergency
  • Cancer treatment, Dialysis and transplant services for organ, bone marrow or stem cell transplants are paid in full up to Maximum Annual Limit
  • Inpatient benefits are extended to cover treatment for mental health conditions and disorders and addiction treatment including complications arising from materinity and childbirth
  • There is special coverage for Hospice and Palliative Care for a covered person who is given a terminal diagnosis and there is no available treatment
    • Also applicable to emergency inpatient dental treatment and newborn congenital conditions
  • Cover for travel costs for an accompanying person, travel costs up to THB 40,000 and living allowance costs up to THB 5,000 per day for each visit with a maximum 10 days per visit for medical evacuation and repatriation benefits

List of treatments/conditions that are covered;

  • Restorative speech therapy
  • Alternative Medicines, osteopathy and chiropractic treatments
  • Rental of durable equipment
  • Adult vaccinations
  • Well child tests
  • Annual routine tests without purchasing additional health check-up benefit
  • Child immunisations
  • Outpatient costs in accordance with medical necessity for the following conditions for covered persons aged sixty (60) years old and above, or turning sixty (60) years old;
    • Arthritis, joint or back pain;
    • Glaucoma;
    • Hypertension;
    • Osteoporosis/Osteopenia;
    • Type 2 Diabetes.
  • Bowel cancer screening, Bone densitometry and Dietetic consultations under Health and Wellbeing benefit
  • Orthodontic treatment

This GIPMI product is approved by the Office of Insurance Commission for Non-Immigrant Visa "OA" (Long Stay) for all 3 plans so Cigna could issue a Certificate Letter of Non-Immigrant Visa "OA" (Long Stay) for visa submission and Cigna will also upload the certificate letter into the immigration web portal for easy access of the client's information for verification purposes for the immigration office.

This GIPMI product covers for COVID-19 treatment and a Certificate of COVID-19 letter is provided to the insured for presenting to the Immigration meeting that is a requirement for entry into Thailand.

Required documents for policy issuance;

Completed application document

Copy of passport or ID card

Questions? Call Romi Gill - Tel: (852) 2530 2533 | Email: romi.gill@navigator-insurance.com

Value Added Services;

  • Customer service always available when assistance is needed
    • Toll free in USA, Hong Kong and Singapore
  • Complimentary Cigna Wellbeing Application for 24/7 Telemedicine - Voice and video consultation
    • Includes Health Risk Assessment

Online Customer Area (www.cignaglobal.com) - Your Policy, Access Care and Contact;

Notification of Claim:

The Covered Person or the representative of the Covered Person must inform the Company of any Sickness or Injury which might result in a claim without delay. In case of death, the Company must be notified immediately; unless there is a necessary reason proven that immediate notice is not practicable but is given as soon as possible.

Submission of Claims Document:

The Covered Person, or the Beneficiary or representative, must submit the documents necessary to the claim as required by the Company as stated below at their own expense, which include but are not limited to:

  1. Company's claim form;
  2. Medical report signed by the physician or doctor stating the symptoms, diagnosis and the treatment given (if required);
  3. Original receipt and invoice;
  4. Other documents related to the claim request; which are required by the Company.

The documents must be sumitted within thirty (30) days of the discharge date, Outpatient treatment date, diagnosis date of Total Permanent Disability, or the date of death.

The Comapny reserves the right to request the original receipts. If the Covered Person has been indemnified by government welfare, other welfare, or other insurance, the Covered Person shall submit a copy of the receipt certifying the amount paid, to further claim the remaining amount from the Company.

Note: Failure to submit the documents within such time will NOT jeopardise the right to claim, provided there is a necessary reason proven that submitting the documents was not practicable, as long as they are provided as soon as possible.

Contact: Cignathailand_customer.care@cigna.com

Underwriting details:

Newborn conditions: (Apply only with the Insuring Agreement of Mother and Baby Care)

Adding the newborn to the Policy: The Company will not require information about the newborn's health or medical examination, if the application is received by the Company within thirty (30) days of the newborn's date of birth. If the application is received after the thirty (30) days of the newborn's date of birth, the newborn will be subject to medical underwriting and the Company will require the completion of a medical health questionnaire whereby the Company may apply special conditions or exclusions.

Newborn congenital conditions:

Provided the newborn is added to the Policy within thirty (30) days of birth. If the application is received after the thirty (30) days of the newborn's date of birth, the newborn will be subject to medical underwriting and the Company will require the completion of a medical health questionnaire whereby the Company may apply special conditions or exclusions. The Company will pay the cost for treatment of congenital conditions up to the total benefit limit per Covered Person per Period of Cover.

Premature newborn conditions:

comparison details

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