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Circle Assets’ property & contents coverage includes:

• Comprehensive buildings & contents coverage

Provides maximum protection for exceptional homes, specifically designed to address the uniqueness of your dwelling and the valuables so carefully chosen within.

• All risks coverage

Protect yourself against property damage and losses regardless of the cause with no average clause applicable. You can rely on comprehensive insurance, few restrictions, and complete peace of mind. The lack of an 'average' clause means that if you underinsure you are not going to be penalized by Circles at claim time.. IF you only half insure you will thus be paid out the sum insured for any valid claim say for total loss.

• Guaranteed rebuilding costs

Circles provide an optional payment basis where if the unexpected should happen and your home is damaged, they will pay to have your home rebuilt or repaired to its original state and beauty, even if the costs exceed your policy limits.

• Worldwide coverage

Circles provide worldwide coverage for all physical loss or damage no matter where you take your contents or personal effects.

• No ordinary household contents sub limits

Your ordinary household contents such as furniture and kitchen equipment are fully covered with no article sub limits, except for valuable items specifically mentioned.

• Alternative accommodations

If your home cannot be occupied due to a covered loss, we will cover reasonable increases in your normal living expenses. This allows you to maintain a comparable standard of living, without further interruptions.

• Loss of rent

If your tenant is unable to occupy your rental property due to a covered loss, Circles will provide you with the lost rent on that property for up to 12 months.

• Full cover for pairs & sets

If one item that is part of a pair or set is lost or damaged, Circles will pay the full replacement value of the entire pair or set if you agree to surrender the remaining article(s) of the pair or set to them.

• Trace and access

This is something particularly useful in high rise Hong Kong.. not only do Circles pay for the damage caused by a leak, they also pay the costs of finding the source of the leak.

• Personal Liability

Your lifestyle can take you to many corners of the world. Unlike most generic home policies, Circle Assets covers you worldwide. That means you can be protected from legal action that may occur in Asia, the U.S., Europe, or anywhere in the world.

Circle Assets protects you and/or a family member and/or your domestic helper while performing their duties and any additional Insured Person named in the policy Particular Conditions.

Circle will pay damages an Insured Person is legally obligated to pay for personal injury or property damage caused by an occurrence covered by this policy anywhere in the world, unless stated otherwise or an exclusion applies.

NOTE: Circle will pay the legal defence costs and legal expenses incurred by an Insured Person with their prior written consent, IN ADDITION TO THE SUM INSURED. In Hong Kong, if you negligently overload a power socket and cause a fire that damages your apartment and neighbours, the bill could easily exceed HKD20m. For this reason, many of our clients take HKD20m - HKD40m in liability cover.

Circle Assets’ personal liability coverage includes:

• Worldwide territory -Including USA and Canada without duration or limitation.

• Defense cover -Legal defense costs and expenses are payable in addition to the limit of liability.

• Directors’ errors or omissions - Covers personal injury or property damage arising out of an Insured Person’s actions as an officer

or member of the board of any not for profit organization.

• Kidnap expenses - Covers an Insured Person’s kidnap expenses, up to a maximum of HK$200,000.

• Reversal of damages - Covers up to HK$5,000,000 for unrecoverable court awards.

Domestic helper liability during the course of employment

• Golf exposure

• Medical payments

• Credit cards and forgery

• Identity theft


The Circle Assets policy is written in simple English, but there are some terms used which our clients regularly query, hence our providing a definition of some of these terms below:

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Questions? Contact Mr Robin Brown - robin.brown@navigator-insurance.com or Ms Romi Gill romi.gill@navigator-insurance.com Tel 2530 2530

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Should you be looking for film cover for an event and want to protect not just the equipment and materials of the set, but also wish to protect the actors and production staff, should there be an accident, then look no further than the Circle Film policy.

In addition to needing the information on the organization arranging the film shoot, you will need to provide information as follows:

  • Title of shooting project
  • The synopsis or presentation
  • Type of Support
  • The Production and Post-production budget
  • Shooting location
  • Whether Personal Accident cover is needed for the actors, crew, technicians?
  • The number of Insured persons and how many days for the shoot?

Main risks covered :

  • The absence of actors or film directors at film shoots
  • Damage to all media
  • Cancellation, additional costs. withdrawal of authorisations
  • Damage to equipment, film sets, film vehicles and film locations
  • Civil Employers, Professional Liability, etc.
  • Accidents at work, and individual accident insurance
  • Error and omission, tax shelter and completion bond insurance, weather day insurance

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Circles Group "Complete" is a comprehensive package, providing

  • Professional Indemnity,
  • Directors & Officers,
  • Crime and
  • Employment Practice Liability Insurance

all under one policy.

As a market first in Asia, it offers flexibility and worldwide cover for private and professional businesses online.

The key policy cover is summarized below

Professional Indemnity

• Limits up to HKD 80,000,000 available
• Unique hybrid, wrongful act, civil liability clause • Broad Professional Indemnity Insurance Clause • Subcontractors and Outsourcers – Full Limit
• Dedicated panel of on demand legal experts
• Advancement of Costs and Expenses
• Loss of Documents – Full Limit
• Anti-competition Legislation
• Court Attendance Compensation
• Attendance at Investigations – Full limit
• Automatic Reinstatement of Limit
• Estates and Legal Representation

Directors & Officers

• D&O Limits up to HKD 80,000,000 available
• Claims against an insured person
• Company reimbursement
• Dedicated additional limit for insured persons

• Outside entity

• Pollution
• Former Directors


• Crime Coverage starting at HKD 1,000,000 • Computer Misuse
• Client Crime
• Funds Transfer Fraud

• Court Attendance Compensation

Employment Practices Liability (EPL)

• EPL Coverage Limits Starting at HKD 1,000,000 • Outside Entities Cover
• Duty for The Insurer to Defend

Legal Representation Expenses

• Standalone Limit Starting at 10% of PI Limit

Public Relations Expenses

• Standalone Limit Starting at HKD 200,000

Note: Worldwide Jurisdiction on All Covers

It takes dedication to build a unique collection of artwork, jewelry, wine, antiques or virtually any other rarities that reflect your personality. When you come to Circles Group for insuring your collectible, we can curate a thorough plan to safeguard your prized possessions as if they were our own

Circle Assets’ private collections coverage includes:

• Comprehensive worldwide coverage

Covers any loss or damage due to all number of perils including fire, theft, earthquake, flood, and breakage anywhere in the world. You can feel secure that your items are protected regardless of where they are located (territorial restrictions may apply).

• Newly acquired items

New acquisitions are immediately covered at the time of purchase, conveniently allowing you up to 90 days to add the new item to your policy.

• Death of artist

If you have a loss or damage to any specified fine art item, we will pay up to 200% of the amount insured (up to HK$1,500,000) if the occurrence is within the immediate 6 months following the death of the artist, provided you had a valuation done within the last 36 months prior to the loss/damage.

Defective title

Circls covers defective title of ownership up to 10% of the Collection Sum Insured, or up to HK$250,000, if you have a covered loss.

• Pair or set

Circles allow you to choose whether to repair, replace, or surrender undamaged items that are part of a pair or set when there is damage to an item in that pair or set.

• Items in transit

Circles cover insured collectibles while the items are in transit up to the policy limits, subject to suitable transportation and packing.

• Items on exhibit

Circles cover items that may be damaged when moved to or from exhibitions and/or while you have them on display or loan, subject to prior notice and terms and conditions to be advised.

• Wine coverage

Circles include coverage for spoilage due to mechanical breakdown of climate-control systems, breakage and more.

Since its creation more than 20 years ago by Olivier Héger, Circles Group has always reinvented insurance. Their willingness to adapt, to propose, to listen and to be poles apart has standardized this market’s solutions which has made them a leader in their market. Their unique experience and proficiency give others a world-class approach in the field of online insurance such as : Film, Event, Horses, Jewelery, Over Redemption, Fine Art, Assets, Political risks and Ticketing.

As an undisputed leader in Europe for many decades with over 100,000 movies and events insured, Circles Group offers a wide range of insurance solutions dedicated to all your special risks and divided into nine innovative products:

  • Movies, shooting and production
  • Events, shows, concert and festivals
  • Horses
  • Jewelry
  • Fine Arts
  • Political Risks
  • Ticketing
  • Over redemption
  • Assets and Precious Goods Insurance

Followed since its establishment by prestigious insurance companies such as HDI Gerling Assurances SA, AXA Belgium and Catlin Insurance Company, Circles Group leading position allows them to innovate and set the claims at the heart of their priorities.

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