Henner Supports 1.5 million beneficiaries covered, including 250,000 multinationals in close to 200 countries and territories

Henner is an independent, family owned and managed company, free from the pressures of listed companies to produce short term profit at the expense of long term development.

Henner was established in France in 1947.

In France it is the leader in the design and management of employee benefit plans.

In terms of its business activity, an increasing percentage is occuring outside France.

Henner's focus is to become an international specialist in employee benefits, known for its independence and the quality of its advisory and administration services.

In Hong Kong Henner works with AXA China Region Insurance Company Limited as its fronting partner.

On average Henner processes each claim is within 48 hours. Often the added days of delay are due to bank transmission and processing times!

The average retention of an individual or group customer is 23 years and more than half its clients have been enrolled for 10 years or more!

Regular customer surveys by Henner show 95% of its clients are 'satisfied' or 'very satisfied' with is service.

Henner Corporate Brochure: See page 3 - Avergage Customer Loyalty = 23 years.

COVID-19 Virus update

Questions and Answers

Is Covid-19 covered as pandemic by the Care & Health plans?

Yes, absolutely. The medical benefits provided across our plans does not exclude the treatment of Covid-19. So if you are diagnosed with Covid-19 and need treatment, you will be covered as per the limits and terms set out in your plan.

If diagnosed with Covid-19, can a member benefit from a Medical Assistance?

Given the nature of the medical condition and the need for quarantine/isolation in line with the situation applicable in your country of quarantine/isolation it will be unlikely to benefit from medical assistance since no medical assistance response can be activated.

And if the member is stuck in a country where there is a lockdown (w/o any symptoms) and requesting for assistance to be repatriated back, will the policy respond?

When the country is on lockdown, the assistance provider will be able to provide verbal assistance over the phone but will not be able to activate evacuation services.

What happens if a member has contracted Covid-19 and wishes to be repatriated back to his/her home country?

As per the above, a member diagnosed with Covid-19 cannot benefit from medical assistance, therefore no evacuation to his/her home country can be envisaged.

In case of hospitalisation, how should I process?

If you need to be hospitalised during this time, you may refer to our Henner healthcare network but please note that this remains subject to any regulations applicable in your country in relation to Covid-19. If you are hospitalised in a public hospital and receive treatment free of charge, you may be entitled to claim a cash benefit depending on the coverage and terms of your plan.

Can I still submit claims and contact my client services team if needed?

In this difficult time, we would like to reassure all our members that we remain dedicated to providing the best possible support to you. In order to ensure minimal disruptions to service quality, we have organised ourselves to ensure sustainability.

Henner has provided all members with various digital communication tools in order to contact our teams such as MyHenner mobile application, online member’s portal and email address (displayed on your membership card) and strongly recommend that our members use this channel of communication during this period. This will enable us to better manage emergency medical care request for hospitalisation or day procedures such as dialysis or chemotherapy.

For more information, please get in touch with Ms Romi Gill romi.gill@navigator-insurance.com Tel +852 2530 2530

'Care & Health Asia' plan highlights

  • Maximum of USD4.5m pa for inpatient or outpatient treatment each year.
  • Treatment is available in the Area of Cover selected, so if you choose an area outside of where you live, such as the US, then you will have the option of seeking treatment there.
  • Congenital and pre-existing conditions may be offered cover after consideration of the medical evidence, but if accepted, no loading will be applied. In our view, this helps reduce claims and restrain to some extent, the price rises that are inevitable as we age.
  • On retirement from a group scheme, an employee who has entered before turning 60 years of age is GUARANTEED continued cover, without needing to complete a medical questionnaire.
  • In the individual plans Dental, maternity and vision benefits are all optional. The group plan makes Evacuation optional, which is included in the individual plan.
  • Life and accident benefits are also optional with the individual plan and the group plan adds the option of income protection.

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Note: As at 1 Nov 2015 There is NO portability for people leaving this Axa plan and wanting to continue cover on their own with an individual policy. Henner advises however this situation is due to change in 2016.

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The Uno plan is only available to French Nationals living outside France.


  1. The applicant must be engaged in a professional activity and aged under 60 years at the time of membership.
  2. Any common-law spouse will only be accepted as a spouse if they provide a sworn statement of cohabitation. A spouse will need to provide their marriage certificate.
  3. The spouse will NOT be accepted if they engage in any professional activity.
  4. The Member’s children and those of his/her spouse/common-law spouse can only be insured if they live at home. Cover is available for children aged 20 and 28 inclusive, in secondary or higher education, but to be eligible for cover a certificate of school attendance must be provided each year.

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Note: As at 1 Nov 2015 There is NO portability for people leaving Henner's large group plan and wanting to continue cover on their own with an individual policy. Henner advises however this situation is due to change!

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