Leadenhall Asia provides comprehensive, market-leading cyber insurance protection for businessesoperating within the SME segment in an ever-changing cyber risk environment. The Policy is underwritten by Underwriters at Lloyd’s, whose unique capital structure, often referred to as the Chain
of Security, provides excellent financial security to Policyholders.

It is important to note that Lloyd's is not an insurance company, but rather it is a marketplace. Lloyd’s is a
society of members, who collectively underwrite through entities known as “syndicates”.

Lloyd’s is an authorised insurer in Hong Kong under the Insurance Ordinance (Cap.41). By virtue of Lloyd’s licensed status in Hong Kong, Lloyd’s syndicates are permitted to delegate underwriting authority to insurance brokers or agents located in Hong Kong
through binding authority contracts. Such intermediaries holding a binding authority from Lloyd’s are known as “Coverholders”. Leadenhall is a Coverholder for Lloyds syndicates.

All policies issued by Lloyd’s coverholders benefit from Lloyd’s financial rating and its ‘Chain of Security’. For more information on Lloyd’s ‘Chain of
Security’, please refer to our website at this link http://www.lloyds.com.

The ratings agencies assessment (9/Jan/2023) of Lloyds is as follows:


  • Flexible product configuration In-patient and In & Out-patient
  • Flexible deductible options from Nil to USD12,500
  • Provides Worldwide, Worldwide Ex USA and Asia only coverage options
  • Multiple application approaches
    • Transfer and take over from an existing Healthcare plan
    • Moratorium Underwriting
  • Family Plan discounts are available
  • Extend cover for dependents living overseas available
  • Access to a global network of 1.5million Hospitals & medical facilities worldwide
  • Direct Billing for Hospital Charges
  • 24/7 International Emergency Medical Assistance customer service helpline (English, Cantonese & Mandarin)
  • Second Opinion service medical Evacuation & Repatriation as standard
  • Portable policy and medical underwriting history if you move overseas


Leadenhall Pilot Shield

In the event of a loss of your Medical certificate, Leadenhall Asia has designed flexible solutions to provide financial security with;

  • a stable monthly income to enable you to have sufficient time to:
    • deal with your covering you for temporary inability to return to work or
    • permanent inability to return to work as a pilot with a lump sum benefit.

Loss of License Documents

Download all as zip

Leadenhalls Cyber Shield solutions offer:

  • A simple digital application journey
  • Customizable limits to meet the premium budget
  • Full limit cover for all main insuring coverage
  • Full retro cover
  • Insurance intermediaries are in control of binding a quote
  • Insurers/Reinsurers have a real-time line of sight of the portfolio
  • Same day Policy administration issuance
  • Lloyd’s financial rating and chain of securities
  • First Class Incident Response Services
  • Bespoke product variant to service Affinity groups or associations

Illustration: CEO fraud and ransomware

The New Cybercrime Offences will provide effective tools for combatting prevalent cybercrimes, the most common examples being CEO fraud and ransomware attacks.

CEO fraud is a sophisticated email scam where the attacker sends out phishing/spoofing emails impersonating a company's CEO or senior executive to trick employees into transferring money or providing confidential company information. In a typical CEO fraud scam, the scammer would usually get a good working understanding of the company's hierarchy and its money, trade and logistical movement patterns. The scammer would then gain access to the CEO's or the executive's email account, send emails to employees requesting money, and then slip into the payment flow to intercept payments. Under the New Cybercrime Offences, such a scam would constitute offences of illegal access to programs or data, illegal interception of computer data, and illegal interference of computer data.

Ransomware is a form of malware designed to deny an organisation access to their files by encrypting such files and demanding a ransom ment to regain access. Under the New Cybercrime' Offences, ransomware would be considered an offence of making available or possessing a device or data for committing a crime.

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