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The Pacific Insurance Co., Ltd. and The Pacific Life Assurance Co., Ltd. are members of the Pacific Group and are the Group's mainstay business.

The Pacific Group has a strong financial position, adopts a sustainable development policy and has achieved continuous growth over the years. Our current business includes general insurance, life insurance, real estate investment, mortgage and finance in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

The PACIFIC CYBER COMPREHENSIVE INSURANCE, provides five types of cyber risk coverages across two categories, as follows:

Category A : Compensating insured enterprise's own loss

(1) The following costs incurred from personal data breaches:

I. Forensic services
II. Legal consultancy
III. Notification to data subject(s) and relevant regulatory body(ies)
IV. Credit monitoring

(2) Business interruption loss: the revenue loss during business interruptions and the extra expenses to maintain normal business operation due to cyber attack rendering business inoperative.

(3) Hacking attack loss: all relevant repairing or replacing expenses arising from damages to computer programmes and electronic data caused by hacking attack.

(4) Cyber extortion loss:the ransom paid directly in response to cyber extortion threat

Category B : Compensating insured enterprise's third-party liability loss

(5) Third-party privacy infringement claims: covering the insured enterprise's legal liability regarding personal data security and privacy, against any third-party claims arising from failure to keep safe the customers' personal or sensitive data. The compensation of claims, legal costs, defence costs and investigation fees, if any are included.

The Maximum Indemnity Limit of Covered Losses Insurance Plan
Plan A Plan B Plan C Plan D
(1) Cost incurred from personal data breach 200,000 500,000 1,000,000 2,000,000
(2) Business interruption loss 100,000 250,000 500,000 1,000,000
(3) Hacking attack loss 100,000 250,000 500,000 1,000,000
(4) Cyber extortion loss 50,000 50,000 50,000 50,000
(5) Third-party claims 1,000,000 2,500,000 5,000,000 10,000,000
(6) Maximum aggregated indemnity 1,000,000 2,500,000 5,000,000 10,000,000

Premium and claim excess

Insurance Plan Enterprise's Annual Revenue
4,999,999 or below 5,000,000 to 14,999,999 15,000,000 to 24,999,999 25,000,000 to 49,999,999 50,000,000 to 99,999,999 100,000,000 to 174,999,999 175,000,000 to 250,000,000
Claim Excess
5,000 7,500 12,500 18,750 25,000 37,500 50,000
Annual Premium
Plan A 4,500 4,878 6,264 8,775 11,700 14,625 18,450
Plan B 6,300 7,875 9,180 14,175 18,900 23,625 29,925
Plan C 7,200 9,000 11,520 16,200 21,600 27,000 34,200
Plan D 9,000 11,250 14,400 20,250 27,000 33,750 42,750

*All figures are shown in Hong Kong dollars.

Should you have any enquires, please contact Mr Robin Brown robin.brown@navigator-insurance.com or Ms Romi Gill romi.gill@navigator-insurance.com Tel +852 2530 2530

As employers, we are required by law to effect employees' compensation insurance for our employees, to ensure they can obtain compensation in the event of bodily injury or death arising out of and in the course of their employment.

Pacific's Employees’ Compensation Insurance protects employers from the legal liability of:

  • the Employees' Compensation Ordinance and
  • common law

for employees who are accidentally injured or die on account of their employment.

In Pacific's Bond Insurance, Pacific guarantees the Insured (the contractor) to fulfill their obligations, imposed by the principle (owner/developer) on the Insured.

In the event that the Insured fails to perform the contract, the principal can make a claim on the bond to recover its financial losses.

Pacific Insurance provides two types of Motor Vehicle Insurance;

  • “Third Party Insurance” and
  • “Comprehensive Insurance”

“Third Party Insurance” provides protection to the insured and his/her authorized drivers for their legal liabilities in respect of death or bodily injury and property damage of third parties caused by the insured Vehicle in traffic accident, as required by the Motor Vehicles Insurance (Third Party Risks) Ordinance (Chapter 272 of the Laws of Hong Kong SAR),

“Comprehensive Insurance” not only protects insured with the coverage provided by the “Third Party Insurance”, but also accidental losses and damages of the insured vehicle and its parts.

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