Transamerica Life Insurance Company is the successor-in-interest to Transamerica Occidental Life Insurance Company, which established its first sales office in Shanghai in 1933.

Transamerica companies have conducted business in Hong Kong since 1947, and has had a full-service branch office in Hong Kong since 1993, where insurance is now provided by Transamerica Life Bermuda.

Transamerica operates in the broker market and does not employ agents. Transamerica offers some of the lowest term life plans (guaranteed to age 95) in the market but interestingly refuses to insure Americans or anyone who does not come physically to Hong Kong to have their medical exam.

Term life insurance covers you for a specific term or span of years. Transamerica's products help provide peace-of-mind for you and your family by protecting your hard-earned assets. Your premium payment is guaranteed and level for the initial term, then increases annually until you reach age 95.

Transamerica offers two kinds of term life products:

  • The Trendsetter Super Series, provides pure life coverage for a specific term to suit your needs
  • Trendsetter ROP 30* returns all your premiums at the end of the 30th policy year, assuming the death benefit has not been paid and the policy is still in force.

* Transamerica will return eligible premiums only, which exclude:

  • sub-standard premiums,
  • rider premiums,
  • outstanding loans and any loan interest due.

If death occurs during the first 30 years of your policy, Transamerica will pay the death benefit only and no premium will be returned.

A universal life plan supports estate or business planning through:

  • Providing lifetime coverage;
  • Accumulating cash value at a rate declared by the insurance company.

Two distinctive benefits of a universal life plan:

  • Flexibility of premium payment, adjustment of sum assured and access to cash value;
  • Policy charges and crediting interest rate are transparent to the policy owner.

A universal life plan may suit your needs in:

Personal Business
  • Estate Preservation
  • Wealth Transfer
  • Portfolio Diversification
  • Key Person
  • Executive Benefits
  • Partnership Protection

Transamerica Life Bermuda's Universal Life Alpha plan is designed for High Net Worth customers with legacy and business planning needs.

Life protection and cash value accumulation


  • Lifetime coverage: Your policy will provide lifetime coverage as long as a certain account value is maintained and premiums are paid;
  • Cash value growth potential: Your policy earns a steady stream of interest at a rate we declare, which will never be lower than 2% per annum;
  • Liquidity intact: You may withdraw or take a loan from your policy when needed, provided certain conditions are met;
  • Flexibility: You can decide the amount, within a certain range, and select the frequency that you would like to pay for your policy. You can decrease the amount of protection, i.e. the sum assured, and take money from your policy when needed, subject to the terms of the policy contract;
  • Transparency: You can refer to your annual statement for the interest credited to and the charges taken from your policy.

Loans and withdrawals will affect the account values and net cash value and may affect the death benefit. The product details are at all times subject to the terms and conditions of your policy contract.

Transamerica Life Bermuda Universal Life Alpha (Hong Kong) (Policy Form No. UL18 HK) is a universal life insurance policy issued by Transamerica Life (Bermuda) Ltd., a company incorporated in Hamilton, Bermuda. Policies to which the above information relate are available in Hong Kong.

Insurance eligibility and premiums are subject to underwriting. In the event of suicide during the first two policy years, death benefits are limited to the return of premiums paid (less any withdrawals, outstanding policy loans and loan interest due).

Contact Mr Robin Brown robin.brown@navigator-insurance.com Tel +852 2530 2530 for more information.

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