VUMI Global Services FZ-LLC is a health administration services company that is part of " VIP Universal Medical Insurance Group (VUMI®)" a privately owned international health insurance company based in the Cocos and Keeling islands.

Vumi provides exclusive major medical insurance products and VIP medical services to private and corporate clients, worldwide.

VUMI products are designed to give you unique benefits, extensive global coverage nd protect your assets and most importantly give you the peace of mind that you are covered at all times – anywhere in the world.

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas the company has historically been focused on providing health insurance to clients in north, central and south America, but has recently expanded to set up as a third party administrator, (TPA) in Dubai.

The group has 35 years of experience in the healthcare industry and employs more than 425 professionals from multiple nationalities.


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Vumi offers 5 levels of cover for their individual plans, namely:

  • Global Flex VIP ~ Total
  • Global Flex VIP ~ Ultra
  • Global Flex VIP ~ Superior
  • Global Flex VIP ~ Standard
  • Global Flex VIP ~ Basic

Vumi offers 5 levels of cover for their group plans, namely:

  • Global Flex VIP ~ Total Group
  • Global Flex VIP ~ Ultra Group
  • Global Flex VIP ~ Superior Group
  • Global Flex VIP ~ Standard Group
  • Global Flex VIP ~ Basic Group

Vumi community rates individuals, families and groups up to 49 employees.

For groups of 50 + they use a blended methodology where they put weightings towards both the experience and the community rates based on the group size.

At the time of quoting Vumi provides an opton to all for Continuous Transfer of group leavers who can thus leave the group and continue

cover on an equivalent individual plan without underwriting.

underwriting details

The VUMI®-Baymac Pilot VIP plan has been designed to include pilots within the Baymac Professional Pilots Group and their


NOTE: Vumi offers Competitive rates for larger families, with no additional charges for over 3 members

To be eligible for enrollment, pilots must meet the following criteria:

  • Hold a valid Commercial Pilot License (CPL), Multi-Crew Pilot License (MPL) or Air Transport Pilot License (ATPL)

  • Have a valid medical certificate issued by an Aviation Medical Examiner (AME) approved by the CPL, MPL or ATPL

    licensing authority

  • Be under 75 years old

  • Be an active member of the Baymac Professional Pilot Group.

Pilots with a valid CPL, MPL or ATPL may join the plan until the age of 75. Minimum medical underwriting is required for pilots under 65 years old. Pilots who are 65 or older at the time of enrollment are required to complete a medical form, and may be required to provide additional medical information if required by the underwriters.

Pilots and dependents must be located outside of the US, its territories, or possessions at the time the insurance policy incepts or renews.

Dependents who meet any of the following criteria are eligible for medical coverage under the plan:

  • Lawful spouse or domestic partner of an insured

  • Dependent children under 24 years old, including children of the insured’s lawful spouse

  • Adopted children or children under the legal guardianship of the insured, including step-children who depend on the insured for support

  • Unmarried children who are 19-24 years old, and who are full-time students at an accredited educational institution and are not employed on a full-time basis

    At all times during the policy period, members of the Baymac Professional Pilots Group must be in good standing.


Maternity -12 months

Mental and nervous conditions - 18 months

HIV-AIDS - 24 months

Pre-existing Conditions - 12 months

Vumi-Baymac Documents

For more information, contact Ms Romi Gill - romi.gill@nvigator-insurance.com Tel +852 2530 2530

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