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An annual Hong Kong based travel policy will normally provide 90 days of cover per trip.

Some such as BUPA Global's WorldWide Travel Options provide 30 days cover per trip and you can go on line to purchase additional days.

If you need instant travel cover - or have any queries on Travel insurance, please do get in touch with Robin Brown

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Cancel For Any Reason Travel Insurance (CFAR) - Available to US residents Only

If you’re seeking coverage that would allow you to cancel your trip if a coronavirus outbreak were to occur in your destination country, you need to look for travel insurance or trip cancellation insurance that includes a Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR) benefit.

Tokio Marine HCC – MIS offers trip cancellation insurance in conjunction with Nationwide. Atlas Enterprise is the only trip cancellation plan from Tokio Marine HCC – MIS Group and Nationwide that includes a Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR) benefit. You must purchase the plan within 21 days of your initial trip payment date to be eligible for CFAR coverage.

The Hong Kong Outbound Travel Alert System

Black Alert - Severe threat - Avoid all travel

Red Alert - Significant Threat - Adjust travel plans - Avoid non-essential travel

Amber Alert - Signs of Threat - Monitor situation - Exercise caution

Comparison of Leading Hong Kong Travel Plans

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As BattleFace is not, itself based in Hong Kong (but rather the UK), we are required to have clients sigh a 'Notice to Client' form, indicating that they understand the insurer is not set up in Hong Kong.

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Bupa Global - Covid-19 Information:

In order for the Travel insurance to cover medical expenses related to Covid-19 on an ex gratia basis, the client has to comply with all Safe Travel requirements, one of them being only to travel to a destination provided the public authorities in the country of permanent residence of the insured have not issued warning against such travel 24 hours prior to departure.

To evidence compliance, in case of a claim, the client can submit copies of the travel guidelines stated by the public health authorities of his/her country of permanent residence as well as those of his/her destination country/countries (e.g. screenshots from relevant official websites). The documentation must specifically indicate the travel guidelines valid on the date of his/her departure.

Please visit coronavirus hub for further details.

Additional travel days purchased for a trip (extension of cover) on an Annual Travel policy may be terminated with immediate effect, and the termination is not subject to a fee.

A Single Trip Travel insurance may be terminated with immediate effect, and the termination is subject to a fee of USD 65.

Bupa Global – the world is yours

Bupa Global is your worldwide healthcare partner. With extensive medical coverage and a free choice of recognised hospitals and doctors, you’re only a phone call away from the Bupa Global round-the-clock expert emergency team.

Travelling the world has become a lifestyle choice, which is why travel insurance needs to suit your specific needs. Whether you require easy-to-extend insurance or non-medical extra coverage (e.g. cover for baggage), Bupa Global travel insurance offers you high flexibility.

As Bupa Global's travel division is not based in Hong Kong, you will need to complete a government mandated 'Notice to Client' form, recognising your legal recourse is not in Hong Kong.

For more information, see the 'Travel' tab under 'BUPA' where you can read more about the cover provided and exclusions.

World Wide Travel Options

If you reside in the United Kingdom, Jersey, Guernsey, Falkland Islands, Isle of Man or Gibraltar:

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If you reside in Mexico:

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If you reside anywhere outside of the countries listed above:

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Business Travel

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Covid 19 Update

Outbreak of a new coronavirus strain

With the outbreak of a new coronavirus strain from Wuhan, China and indications of human to human transmission, Wuhan’s local government had shut public transport on midnight 22 January 2020 to halt the outbreak of the virus.

This notice means that, with respect to all travel insurance policies purchased after 10:00 am on 23 January 2020, Chubb will treat any claims related to the new coronavirus in Wuhan as ‘known risk’, which an insured person should mitigate against by not travelling to Wuhan, as the claim will not be covered.

For more information on the coronavirus, please check the World Health Organisation website.

Chubb TravelWell Protection Plan (Annual/Single Trip) covers medical expenses for Covid-19 except in the region of China. This includes being diagnosed with Covid-19 during the journey, or if the destination country is listed on the Outbround Travel Alert by the Hong Kong Government.

The policy does not cover travel inconvenience losses as this is taken as "known risk".

Policy Response

Chubb will assess all claims in accordance with the facts of each case, the Policy Wordings and the applicable Certificate of Insurance. Your cover will depend on the type of plan you purchased and your particular circumstances.

If you are an insured person and you require emergency assistance, please contact Chubb Assistance on +852 3723 3030.

Chubb leisure travel claims procedures are available and can be lodged at

Cigna US

Medical Benefits Abroad (MBA)

Cigna’s MBA product covers your staff for unexpected illness and injury that may occur while they are traveling on an approved business trip (outside their country of residence or permanent assignment).

The MBA plan provides quality health care benefits that cover:

› Hospital admissions, surgeries, out-patient medical care and ambulance services for emergency medical treatment.

› Prescription drugs and replacement medicine forlost prescriptions that are medically necessary.

› Dental emergencies(for a sound natural tooth) or alleviation of sudden dental pain.

› Medical evacuations for employees who require immediate medical attention and adequate facilities are not locally available.

Using CIGNA’S dedicated travel website, employees gain access to Cigna's global directory to find pre-screened health care professionals and facilities whenever they need them – even before they need care. What’s more, they can identify health care professionals and facilities that bill Cigna directly. Then your employees can simply present their Cigna MBA ID card at the time of service.

And if your staff do need to pay first, they can then submit MBA claims directly through Cigna Envoy’s MBA portal.

All registered users can file an online claim by following easy step-by-step directions.

In addition, MBA customers can also access ePayment Plus®, a payment method that services Cigna's existing electronic payment options, such as Electronic Funds Transfer, available in the U.S.

As Seven Corner are not, themselves, based in Hong Kong, we are required to have clients sigh a 'Notice to Client' form, indicating that they understand the insurer is not set up in Hong Kong.

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As Pacific Cross is not, itself based in Hong Kong (but rather Western Samoa), we are required to have clients sigh a 'Notice to Client' form, indicating that they understand the insurer is not set up in Hong Kong.

Travel Insurance in a time of Covid 19 details

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